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Monday, April 22, 2013

Tomlin-Colbert PC news

There wasn't a ton of news to come out of the Mike Tomlin-Kevin Colbert press conference today, which is usually the case for a team that holds its cards close to its chest.

But we do know that the Steelers won't be looking to move up in the draft and, in fact, could be very open to moving down in the first round to acquire more picks.

Whether they have a potential trade partner or now will largely depend on who falls.

If, for example, there is an early run on offensive linemen as expected, some team could look to move up to get a shot at Chance Warmack, Jonathan Cooper or even D.J. Fluker.

With this draft and its depth, however, it's more likely the Steelers will be picking at 17. But I do look for them to move around some in rounds 2 through 7.

I now expect that Jarvis Jones will be gone when the Steelers pick. And with the depth at wide receiver, I look for the Steelers to select Kenny Vacarro, the safety out of Texas.

Pittsburgh currently has some very young and untested players sitting behind Ryan Clark and Troy Polamalu. And both are a lot closer to the end of their careers than they are the beginning.

If the Steelers take Vacarro in the first, look for them to grab a running back or linebacker in the second, with a trade up possible to get the guy they covet. If a trade up is needed, look for the team to trade back in round three to acquire an extra pick in rounds four or five.

I expect this to be a wild, wide-open draft.

@ I don't expect the Steelers to take a tight end such as Notre Dame's Tyler Eifert. That would be a wasted pick, in my opinion, since the team expects to get Heath Miller back at some point and Pittsburgh re-signed both Matt Spaeth and David Johnson.

@ Mike Tomlin said that Mike Adams and Marcus Gilbert will compete for the left tackle position. The other will be the right tackle.

@ Getting a running back in this draft is critical, but I don't think the Steelers have closed the door on signing Ahmad Bradshaw. They have a little wiggle room -  very little - so it would take a restructure or extension of somebody to give them the room needed to get it done before June 1.


kyle said...

I won't be screaming at the TV regardless of who the Steelers pick because there are pluses and minuses associated with every player who will be available. The issue I have with Vaccaro is he seems to have been a very versatile player but not fantastic at any one thing. So I guess I would rather have a great player at an unspectacular position (Guard) than a solid, versatile player at a possible impact position (safety). Plus if they take Vaccaro that means they probably won't take Cyprien, or Philip Thomas, or Shamarko Thomas, or JJ Wilcox, or bring in Rontez Miles (I've been looking into safeties).

Dale Lolley said...

They could take two safeties. I could see, say, Vacarro in the first and Miles in the fifth.

Anonymous said...

I'd be very disappointed if they take vaccaro at 17. I do think he is a good player, but we need an impact player in the 1st round this year. He would never see the field this year barring injury. Give me Hopkins, Patterson, EIfert, arthur brown, even Lacy before Vacarro

datruth4life said...

Dale, if you're the Steelers and Gs Chance Warmack and J. Cooper are sitting there at no. 17, would you bite? Many are saying that they believe both will be All-Pros early in their careers and are plug and play ready to start from Day One. Isn't the draft about selecting impact players? I like the fact that Cooper can also play center though I like the pedigree of Warmack a lot more. If you are starting as a freshman at Alabama and excel at your position, and have played a prominent role in two National Championships, you're ready for the NFL. I just don't see K. Colbert taking Jarvis Jones. Besides the medical questions, the slow 4.9 40 time, the 20 reps at 225 lbs., modest size at 6'2, 245 lbs, and the spinal stenosis, Jones will turn 24years old during his rookie season. This goes against everything that K. Colbert has done during his tenure in Pittsburgh in selecting first rounders. I would really love for the Steelers to trade down in this first round and pick up an extra 3rd and select either WR C. Patterson or D. Hopkins as a WR. If they want to go pass rusher, then I still like Werner over Jones. Younger, no medical questions, better size and speed than Jones and still quite a bit of upside since he's only played football for 5 years. And as for C. Patterson, if he comes in as your no. 1 KR/PR and is still able to stretch the field for you in a pkg on 3rd downs, why isn't that first round value for this team? I've seen a few scouts say he is the best returner that they've seen come out since Devin Hester. If you are the Steelers, you have to consider it, especially if you can still get him after trading down a few spots and pick up that extra 3rd. Lastly, a part of me keeps going back to Warmack if he is there at pick no. 17. If you can select him at no. 17, plug him in at LG and let R. Foster be your swing tackle and K. Beachum be your swing C/G/T on game day, the Steelers would have its most talented offensive line since A. Faneca, M. Smith & J. Hartins were in their hey-days. Something to think about. And No, I haven't forgot about your CB/S Xavier Rhodes. I love big CBs/Ss that can run and make plays on the ball. K. Colbert can't afford to miss on this draft, particularly with the team's cap situation in the coming years. Thoughts?

Anonymous said...

I know we all go by the value chart, but will it hold in this draft. I think a lot of teams will want to move down and they probably won't get as much as they normally would.

Zac in Tempe

Dale Lolley said...

Warmack won't be there at 17. Not going to happen. It's doubtful that either guard will be there.
I also now don't think Jones will be there either. But I don't think they'll take Jones.
As for Vacarro, if you don't think he'll be on the field as a rookie, you haven't been paying attention. Both of their safeties have missed time in recent seasons. Who's the backup? Would you rather see Vacarro out there or Robert Golden? I like Golden, but Vacarro is more polished.
Also, Vacarro can play in the nickel immediately - or at least be in the mix.
He will see a lot more playing time than the others that you mentioned other than Lacy or Eifert. And they are not taking one of those two in the first.

marc said...

dale, i pretty much agree with all you said here. however, i do wonder what would happen if a "highly rated" player slipped down to the steelers.

for example, i just saw 3 mock drafts that have ansah going after the steelers. do you think they would take him if he was still around at 17.

Phil said...

Why do you think they would not take Jones if he fell to their pick? I know he didn't test well, but I love the fact that he has experience in the 3-4.

datruth4life said...

If the above mentioned player's aren't there, then move back in the draft and take Hopkins, Patterson or A. Brown. Should be a very interesting couple of nights. I do agree with K. Colbert that losing players off of an 8-8 team doesn't mean that the world is coming to an end. For better or worse, the coaching staff will be forced to play some young players this year.

datruth4life said...

Dale, BTW, you said the same thing about Warmack this year as you said about DeCastro last year. I've seen some strange stuff happen with Gs, WRs and RBs on draft day. And the fact that Warmack isn't position flexible might help him get to that no. 17 pick as well. Not saying he will be there, but don't be too shocked if he is.

george said...

grw1960•a few seconds ago

Will the Steelers trade down or up. How many of you caught that at the 15 minute mark?
Asked how much it would take to sign the draft picks. And Colbert said ; they didn't know because they didn't know where they would be picking on draft day??????? Well ah ah we know where we will be at right now.

Dale Lolley said...

Glad you were listening. That was actually my question, which I asked for that reason.
Steelers, if anything, will trade down in the first. Other rounds, they may look to move up.

Anonymous said...

If I'm not mistaken, Ryan Clark started 75 of the last 80 regular season games. Both safeties are not always out.


Dale Lolley said...

Actually just did my mock for the paper. Have Xavier Rhodes falling to the Steelers. They take him over Patterson and Vacarro.

Anonymous said...

Do you see Rhodes as a bit of a project, or does he have the instincts get on the field in some packages right away?


Anonymous said...

I'm no expert, but I think I'd the steelers draft Vaccaro in the first round, I'll feel exactly the same way I did when they took Hood and Heyward...deflated. We need some excitement on offense. Please take Eifert! You can have two great TE's (see NE Patriots). It actually is great for a short passing game and give Ben another big target in the red zone.

Anonymous said..., with the loss of Wallace, we don't really have players on offense that scare anyone. Do you think def coordinators stay awake at night thinking of ways to stop brown or sanders? No. I'd love see a draft like the colts had last year and turn up the heat on that side of the ball!!!!

Dale Lolley said...

Rhodes could play right away in the nickel. Allen could continue to play the slot and Rhodes could play on the outside.
Obviously, he would also help on special teams as well.
They could then move Gay to safety, where I actually think he would do well. Smart player who is a solid tackler.

Dale Lolley said...

Rhodes would then be Ike's replacement in the future.

Dale Lolley said...

Oh, and Allen would obviously be the starter, just sliding inside on passing downs.

Anonymous said...

You sold me Dale, we take Xavier Rhodes and the secondary instantly becomes a strength. Xavier Rhodes would play immediately and can play safety and cornerback, we all know versatility will remain a supreme attribute for Tomlin. He's very athletic and will probably be on the board when we pick. Being able to man up Cortez Allen with any tight end in the AFC is going to result in an advantage for us.