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Monday, January 26, 2009

Greetings from Tampa

We touched down in Tampa at 11:55 a.m. after a quick and painless flight.

The players are having a lot of fun with this. A number of them are carrying camcorders to record the memories of this week.

Some even ventured back into our part of the plane to record us. I guess since we record them all the time, fair's fair.

After the plane touched down, a pillow fight was started in the front of the plane, with the little airplane pillows flying freely.

The team is very loose.


Patrick said...

one time when I was in highschool, during training camp (one time at band camp....), we were goofing around and somehow a plastic coke bottle hit our starting RB under the eye and cut him wideopen.

Coaches were not pleased to say the least. I'm sure pillows on a plane are a lot safer, but I hope these guys aren't too loose about everything.

Greg Mercer said...

just saw this disturbing stat/quote from the AFCC.

Parker had 14 first-down runs for 32 yards, setting up a lot of second-and-longs and forcing Roethlisberger to make more plays.

"We kept running on first down trying to pop something,'' Parker said. "We tried all night, but it didn't happen. But it's a great sign that we tried. We knew we were going to try to run the ball from the start."

i realize that sort of gameplan worked against Baltimore's Flacco-led offense, but i sure hope we mix it up a little more in the SB.

that run, run, pass approach is why the "game manager" label for Ben never made sense to me. IMO, it's a lot harder to make plays on 3rd and long when everybody knows you have to pass than it is on first down (a la Donovan McNabb and the West Coast offense)

Anonymous said...

Its gonna be a hell of a lot easier running against the cards defense than the ravens defense

kelly said...

How's Wards knee looking? Any limping? Was he in his 'bubble' on the plane? jk.

Have you heard anything on the rumors about Lebeau retiring after the Super Bowl?

Anonymous said...


I can see your point, but I bet if we rush the ball 14 times on first down we will probably have more like 60 yards to 32. Probably at LEAST double.

Against Baltimore it was done to keep the D honest and allow Ben to make plays. Against Arizona, lets hope we run about 20 times on 1st down...mostly in the 4th quarter as we run the clock down on a nice long drive.....

Dale Lolley said...

Ward was fine. He won't practice Wednesday, but he never practices Wednesday. He'll likey go Thursday.

The LeBeau rumors will be addressed in full in Tuesday's O-R.

Anonymous said...

Good stuff, Dale. Thanks for the blog!

Anonymous said...

LaBeau rumors? What? I haven't heard anything.