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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ward looking good

Hines Ward will wear a brace on his right knee Sunday, but it's looking highly likely that he'll play, not that it's a huge surprise.

It would be more surprising if Ward, a warrior, didn't play in a game of this magnitude.

© I just finished a huge feature story on Mike Tomlin for Sunday's paper.

Sometimes you just have too much information to delve through. Every word Tomlin has spoken publicly in the past two weeks is transcribed and put up on the net. It's also e-mailed directly to me along with all of the other quotes from this week.

You don't realize how much stuff that is until you open you e-mail and see 500 different collections of quotes. And that's pretty much just from the last two days.

© As the week wears on, there are more and more former players milling around.

I just stopped over at radio row - it's actually a big room - and Darrelle Revis and Franco Harris were being shuffled about to various radio shows.

I'll be on 970-AM tonight from 7 to 9 p.m. from Tank's Tap Room here in Tampa. But we won't have any big names, just me, Jim Wexell and Tim Benz.

I guess the listeners will have to live with that.


Anonymous said...

Us listeners are okay with it. Good show by yinz guys

Dale Lolley said...


Black&Gold Jeep said...

Let's Trash Talk Back Some Pats Fans

Hey STEELER NATION!! There's alot of Pats fans smack talkin the Steelers at the following link. Go there and tell them what you think.

I went back and forth with these idiots for a while. the best they could come up with was getting personal and trash my Mom and Dad. even after being told my Dad is no longer with us and served this country!! they are the biggest peices of shit to exist. Hammer them Steeler Nation!!!!