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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Media day madness

Media day has just ended. It should actually be called media/I'm just a guy who wants to be on TV or get my picture taken day.

The lunatics were out in full force as usual today.

Just a quick rundown of what I saw:

© A guy interviewing players in a wedding dress. (As Casey Hampton said, "that's f-ed up.")

© An idiot in a coonskin hat.

© Several female reporters - apparently all from Spanish-speaking stations – who were either scantily clad or wearing clothing so tight they apparently had it painted on.

© A ponytailed dude from the islands who got off getting the players to say aloha to him.

The craziness seemed a little toned down this year as opposed to others - or maybe I'm just getting used to it. I hope not.

I did get a chance to get a lot of interviews done with some people I normally don't get to speak to on the record.

Director of football operations Kevin Colbert is one of those people. Colbert doesn't speak to the media during the season because he doesn't want to be a distraction.

But he's kind of forced to talk today, so we had a nice long chat about the team's future and its current roster.

I'll have a story on it later this week.

© Today was when I saw a big difference in the two teams.

The Cardinals went first with their media day and they seemed a little tight. They didn't have a lot of fun with all of the silliness that goes on.

The Steelers were very loose. Even James Harrison was having some fun with it, sitting down at Mike Tomlin's table for a while before Tomlin came in.


Anonymous said...

Feel free to pass along some pictures of the "Spanish-speaking stations – who were either scantily clad or wearing clothing so tight they apparently had it painted on." If your going to be reporting, might as well pass along some photo's

alexrkirby said...


Anonymous said...

No thank-you to the trashy women.

Love, a female reader who is going to Tampa!


Black&Gold Jeep said...

Let's Trash Talk Back Some Pats Fans

Hey STEELER NATION!! There's alot of Pats fans smack talkin the Steelers at the following link. Go there and tell them what you think.

I went back and forth with these idiots for a while. the best they could come up with was getting personal and trash my Mom and Dad. even after being told my Dad is no longer with us and served this country!! they are the biggest peices of shit to exist. Hammer them Steeler Nation!!!!