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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thursday morning

I can't believe the week is only halfway complete. It already seems like we've been here forever.

The players are getting a little tired of the bombardment of questions as well. They probably wouldn't mind so much if many of the questions weren't so repetetive.

I can only imagine how annoying that gets. I know it annoys the hell out of me when I'm standing there and hear the same question three times from three different people - and it's something I covered in a story in, say, November.

© Did radio from Tank's Tap Room here in Tampa last night.

Tank's is a big Steelers bar here in Tampa. It's owned by a Johnstown guy (actually Southmont, I checked since I went to Pitt-Johnstown) and has about 60 different beers on tap.

I got a sandwich there, I believe it was called the Tankenator or something like that. It was roast beef, cheese, hot peppers, green peppers, onions and mushrooms.

I ordered the small - it comes in three sizes - and it was a monster. I can only imagine what the $20-plus sandwich looks like.

© A few weeks ago, I alluded to an interesting game plan the Steelers were working on for the Ravens.

During the season, we're not allowed to talk specifically about what we see in practice under agreement with the Steelers. We don't talk about what we see other than basic stuff and they keep their practices completely open - something few teams now do.

But since we're shut out of practice now, I can tell you they've been working a wildcat package with Mewelde Moore in the backfield. No more secrets.


Mike Jones said...

Dale, I was driving home from work yesterday and listening to comments Mike Tomlin made about the offensive line. He seemed to throw them under the bus a little bit, although it also sounded somewhat sarcastic. How are the players reacting to his comments, and has he backpedaled or tried to explain what he meant? Or is this just some cryptic way to motivate the line?

Anonymous said...

am i the only one that remembers the Steelers running the 'wild cat' in a preseason game with Willie Parker????

they ran it several times but didnt gain much

Anonymous said...

Why are u leaking info from a practice???

Don't you think thats backstabbing the coaching staff and players

Anonymous said...

So...since you aren't allowed in practice you conclude it's alright to note potential wrinkles for our offense. Yes, I'm sure Arizona wouldn't love to know this days before the Super Bowl.

Great timing.

Anonymous said...

If they're truly going to run that wildcat, they should use Dennis Dixon so that at least the threat of the pass is there.

Oh and you shouldn't be giving the enemy inside info...

Anonymous said...

Please consider erasing this blog entry and reposting it in four days.

adamg said...

Yes, the Steelers did run the wildcat
single wing in preseason with Parker. It didn't gain much, though.

Maybe the surprise is that the Steelers are working on the wing T.

Also, I was very surprised at Tomlin throwing the OL under the bus. It seems to be more a mind game to spur them than anything. IIRC, Dale did a blog post or comment about how much Tomlin and Zierlien liked "scrappers" on the OL over players with better talent.
I don't know why, when they have players like that, now Tomlin wants to criticize them.

Anonymous said...

Personally I'm glad the the Steelers didn't try to run the wildcat. For one thing, the Ravens did an excellent job in stopping the wildcat formation when the played against the Dolphins twice. I doubt the Steelers would have any more luck. I also think the wildcat is more suited for teams without real good QB's. Chad Pennington is an alright QB - but the Dolphins needed their run game and the wildcat to have any sort of offense.

Anonymous said...

First, I think Dale was trying to tell us something they worked on for the Ravens game.

Second, it isn't necessarily bad that he put this on the blog. It is just something else that the Cardinals need to work on in prep. If they work on this, and we never use it, it is time taken away from preparing for something we do plan to do.

Anonymous said...

Low rent move by a low rent hack. Waaaaaaaaa we aren't allowed at practice anymore so I won't act like a professional but instead act like an immature jackass who wasn't picked for the team.

I hope the Steelers yank your media access next season.

Anonymous said...

If you don't like what you read, quit coming to the blog. It is that simple.

I like this blog because there is no name calling, no classless remarks etc. just steeler football talk.

Patrick said...

I have to agree with the crowd who is against posting this. I don't think it is that bad, but I just don't see the reason for it.

The one thing it makes me wonder though, is were they looking past Baltimore? They saw how Baltimore handled the Wildcat against Miami, and I like Moore, but he is no Ronnie Brown.

So after considering that, maybe it really doesn't matter that Dale posts it because it seems like something they were just fooling with.

If they run the Wildcat against AZ on sunday, I'll certaintly be wondering where the Steeler's heads were during the week leading up to the Baltimore game.

Anonymous said...

Geez this is getting to be a little too much. Dale said they were running it in practice and looking at it in film. So was it the O or D they wanted to use the film on. You guys make it sound like it was stickly for the O. Maybe word came that the Ravens have been using it in practice and Dick L. wanted to get it on film.
So if Arizona comes out and runs it, and we stop them... well I guess all will be forgotten. I'm sure Dale has left out what he doesn't want the public to know.

Anonymous said...

I have good inside information that Ken Whisenhunt has this blog on his favorites so he just got a HUGE tip.

Get a life people.

Anonymous said...

The guy broke an agreement between he and the Steelers. Period.

That is, how you say? "CLASSLESS"

Chris Hein said...

Random question from Media Day for you. Some steeler fans and I have been discussing this article:

Not looking for to throw a fellow reporter under the bus, but as you interact with the players regularly, a question. Is James Harrison a jerk? Or is he just not a fan of interviews and shows it?

My natural homer instincts want to start a witch-hunt for the guy, but maybe he's right?

IM4MICA said...

This blog is optional for all of us to read. I don't think there is any problem with Dale posting what he saw. In fact, last wee I think we were all asking him for more information.

If anyone from the Cardinals does read this, which I doubt they do, let them spend time preparing for the wildcat when in all likeliness we won't use it anyway.

Go Steelers -

Dale Lolley said...

It's not me crying because I can't go to practice this week. I could care less about that.
I was just letting people know why that stuff isn't discussed during the regular season. We're under agreement that we won't talk about the game plan for that particular week.
Back in the 90s when they used Rod Woodson on offense, we all knew it was going to happen because they worked on it in practice. Nobody wrote it because of the agreement. But we were prepared for it.

I threw the wildcat out there as an example. Yes, they used it in the preseason to get it on film. No, it didn't work well.
Will they use it this week? I don't know. They didn't use it against Baltimore, which was the particular team they were preparing for the last week I saw it. But they've done it other times as well.

I report information to readers/fans. If I didn't do that, then I would be a traitor.

Dale Lolley said...

As for Tomlin's jab at the o-line, he's done that throughout the season.

Dale Lolley said...

And after reading the Pro Football Weekly article, that was a guy crying about his treatment.
Harrison doesn't like doing interviews.
Larry Fitzgerald was fined by the league this year for repeatedly skipping post-game interviews. Don't hear anything about that now.
Harrison has always been square with me. He doesn't suffer fools well. To bad for that guy.

Anonymous said...

Lolley, you're a jackass. Do you think Steeler fans would rather have this out in the open or kept secret? You are a f'n ASSCLOWN!

Anonymous said...

Bullshit....if you still had access you would have never said it.

You threw a tantrum like a five year old. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Anonymous said...

Jesus, people. Somebody already said it, but get a life! Or at least learn some manners. Don't go into someone's house and insult them. If you don't like this blog, don't read it. But don't spoil it for the rest of us.

And, for the record, there are more than a few people here acting like five year olds, and none of them have the last name "Lolley".

Anonymous said...

Spare me....he was mad because he's not allowed access now that was his little way to react to it.


Thomas said...

For all you smart asses. Technically with you being on this site during the day you are STEALING money from your boss. So technically you should be fired for being on this site!

you are not forced to read his blog...if you don't like it...DON'T READ IT!!

If you want to be a smart ass and rip someone at least use your name and not the anonymous option! talk about a coward and loser!!

Anonymous said...

I have to say I'm amazed at how many people are crying about this and crying about it anonymously.


Dale Lolley said...

Well said, SBK.

Anonymous said...

f-u lolley you stupid azz idiot! u sicken all of steeler nation!

eat crap and leave!

Anonymous said...

"f-u lolley you stupid azz idiot! u sicken all of steeler nation!

eat crap and leave!"

actually this is his blog why dont you leave?

J Henn

Anonymous said...

So your real name is SBK?

Anonymous said...

Dale knows what it is, therefore I am not anonymous.

Anonymous said...

To the other readers here you are anonymous. Bottom line Dale made it a point to say because he's blocked from practice he decided to spill the beans about what went on during a practice he covered.

He threw a fit. A total lack of class on his part.

kyle said...

are you guys complete fools? this is the third Super Bowl Dale has covered. do you honestly think he was surprised that practice was closed? and that he would "throw a fit?" or that he would jeopardize his job because of it? he hasn't done anything out of bounds.

Anonymous said...

I can`t believe there are so many Browns fans that have found their way to this site! Steelers fans are too smart to write some of the stupid crap that I just read through... Keep up the good work Dale!


Black&Gold Jeep said...

Let's Trash Talk Back Some Pats Fans

Hey STEELER NATION!! There's alot of Pats fans smack talkin the Steelers at the following link. Go there and tell them what you think.

I went back and forth with these idiots for a while. the best they could come up with was getting personal and trash my Mom and Dad. even after being told my Dad is no longer with us and served this country!! they are the biggest peices of shit to exist. Hammer them Steeler Nation!!!!

Anonymous said...

Good idea at giving away team secrets on your blog. Next year, this same blog will be titled nflfrommycouch when you aren't allowed back.



Anonymous said...

Good idea at giving away team secrets on your blog. Next year, this same blog will be titled nflfrommycouch when you aren't allowed back.



Ah! So your real name is moron...Hummmmmm that works! Oh! and who are the browns playing this week? Better yet who are the browns?

wendell said...

Mr. Lolley's comments about the wildcat was reference to the Ravens game. Some of you that are attacking Mr. Lolley are acting like you are jealous because he has access to the Steelers and you do not. Get a freaking life please. Mr. Lolley wouldn't jeapardize his career for something unerhanded like that.

Wendell Fears

wendell said...

Show some class, its so easy to attack a man from behin a computer screen. Mr. Lolley has class and I stand by his comments.

Wendell Fears

Dale Lolley said...

Thanks Wendell and others. I appreciate it.
Again, I don't really see what the big hairy deal is. It's not like they didn't show that package in the preseason.
I might add that if the Steelers had a problem with anything I had or have written, they would approach me about it.
They have not.

Anonymous said...

Way to stir things up buddy.... would expect nothing less from you!

Anonymous said...

The big deal is you violated an agreement of trust between your employer and the Steelers because you are no longer permitted at practice.

You had a hissy fit, and look like a total chump in the process.

Dale Lolley said...

Yeah, it's been that way at every SB I've covered, but I waited until to, as you say, throw a hissy fit.
Come on.