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Thursday, January 29, 2009

The mouth that roared

Thursday, one of the Steelers took some shots at the Arizona Cardinals. And it wasn't somebody anyone would have expected.

It wasn't Anthony Smith guaranteeing a win over New England, but it was surprising none the less.

I was talking to center Justin Hartwig about the offensive line and if getting to the Super Bowl is some vidication for that group when he started questioning the Cardinals a bit.

I'm sure Hartwig didn't really think he was being all that disrespectful as he was doing it, but questioning the team's schedule and talking about how they got pounded by New England when the Steelers beat New England sure won't go over well in Arizona's locker room.

You can read all of Hartwig's comments in Friday's Observer-Reporter.

© These guys are obviously getting tired of the constant questions coming from the gathered media.

In fact, it's gotten to the point now where when they see a familiar face from Pittsburgh, you get a reaction like you're an old friend they haven't seen in years.

The two-week lag between the championship games and the Super Bowl is too long, but I really don't see any way around it.

The logistics of having a Super Bowl in different host cities just makes holding the game the week after the championship games unworkable.

© Head coach Mike Tomlin was named the Motorola coach of the year today. That one's voted on by the fans, so Steelers fans can give themselves a pat on the back for getting Tomlin that award.

© Tomlin put the word "Wetsu" on the black board in the team's locker room Thursday. It's short for We Eat That Shit Up.

Apparently, it's something his high school coach came up with to talk about big plays.


Anonymous said...

Please no! Don't report the Hartwig comments, please.

ch3 said...

Dale, how did Hines look today? Did he put in a full practice?

Anonymous said...

I am down here in Tampa...heard a rumor about Dale taking a snap from DiFabio in the Wildcat formation at practice today and actually throwing a pass to Mrs. Claus.

I hope this isn't true, because Whisenhunt/Grimm could use this as motivation.

Dale Lolley said...

According to Tomlin, Ward practiced. But, as I said before, we don't go to these practices, so I have to wait for the report from the pool reporter, in this case, Peter King.

Thomas said...

Dale what is going on with Ben? I heard he had x-rays on his ribs.

Also, watching the ESPN coverage on the interviews today it was obvious that Hines was annoyed when a reporter asked him about the difference from Ben in super bowl XL and now. the reporter wouldn't drop it. I would have been annoyed also.

Dale Lolley said...

Nothing going on with Ben's ribs that I have heard. He was asked about it today, but said he had nothing to say about it.
I don't think it's a big deal considering the only practice he missed was last Wednesday.
I know Florio is trying to make a big deal of it, but Ben was on the injury report last Friday. Now, he's not.

As for the questions, these guys are getting tired of the same questions asked day after day, time after time.

Thomas said...

Thanks Dale.

I would be sick of the question also.

Anonymous said...

I think someone from Arizona just did something dumber

Nothing like desecrating Myron's legacy to get the team up.

Black&Gold Jeep said...

Hey STEELER NATION!! There's alot of Pats fans smack talkin the Steelers at the following link. Go there and tell them what you think.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Anthony Smith, will he be active for sunday's game?

adamg said...

I watched the AZ-Phila game and I saw the Eagle DTs push Sendlein(?), AZ's center, around like a rag doll.
I can't imagine he will be able to handle Casey Hampton. If he can't, I look for Hampton to have a big game. If AZ goes with 3, 4 WRs and no extra help blocking, their OL will not be able to keep Smith, Keisel and Hampton from collapsing the pocket by themselves. I don't think it will happen, but I'd love to see LeBeau put Hampton on a mission to push the interior line right back into Warner.

Dale Lolley said...

I asked Casey yesterday if he's going to have to lobby to play this week.
Asked Larry Foote the same thing.

They both said the Steelers are planning to play their base until the Cardinals force them not to.

That matchup with Hampton is definitely one to watch.

Dale Lolley said...

And I doubt Anthony Smith is active. He hasn't been when they've been at full strength.