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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ready to go

The bags are officially packed and the plane leaves in the morning.

Tonight will be the last night of normalcy for me for the next eight days until I return home Monday afternoon.

There's a lot happening at the Super Bowl – every day, in fact. I've gotten the schedule of events for the week from the NFL and will try to get to as much stuff as I can.

I'll be updating this blog several times per day, so check back often.

And I'll try to get to as many questions as I can - but the daily newspaper is my master and the master has me very busy this week.



Anonymous said...

Thanks Dale for your efforts. I look forward to reading your blog everyday.

Anonymous said...

Have a fun and safe trip Dale!

P.S.- Any word on Hines? I'm starting to get worried he might not play!

Dale Lolley said...

Ward will be fine.