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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Is Stapleton done?

It's looking more and more likely as if guard Darnell Stapleton could be done for the season - or at least an extended period of time.

I spoke with right tackle Willie Colon this morning and he talked as if Stapleton could be lost to a knee injury, much the same way that punter Daniel Sepulveda was last year around this time.

Now Colon would neither confirm or deny that anything was up, but he talked about the 2009 season as if Stapleton would not be available.

Doesn't mean he knows anything special or he could just be thinking ahead in case it actually does happen.

But Stapleton was nowhere to be seen here today.


kelly said...

If Stapleton is done for the year, could he be done with the Steelers... Period? There was probably a better than average chance that Essex would have beaten him out at RG and if one of the young guys steps up it may be difficult for Stapleton to regain a spot next year even with his ability to play G or C.

deljzc said...


I have a question. If Essex is going to start at RG (which I agree with based on all the reports I'm reading), who is the official backup LT behind Starks?

Is it Hills? Or would Essex shift back out there and someone else come in at RG? Is Capizzi being used at LT at all? Parquet?

I like the idea of Essex, but I am now worried an injury to Starks leaves us really in a bind.

deljzc said...

Also, just to be a wise-ass, do you think this will stop the "Continuity is going to make us better" talk?

Now that that's out the window, what's Colon going to say now as a an excuse?

Patrick said...

half the Steelers fans wanted someone else to come in and play anyway. We'll see if we like what we wished for now.

Though I think we just really only lost depth - at back up center and guard- it could come back to bite us.

At least the hometown/Penn State contingency can now explode into a Rolling Rock fueled celebration - Shipley is almost garunteed a roster spot now.

Dale Lolley said...

It's all still just speculation at this point. Tomlin will hopefully clear this up after practice this afternoon.

But yes, Capizzi has been working at LT, RT and guard. Looks like they're getting him ready for the Essex role.
Parquet has been doing some of the same - though I haven't seen them use him at LT.

Collin Williams said...

I think we need to try new players on the offensive line to see if they can help make it better because last year we had one of the worst offensive lines. What do you guys think.

vaflyer said...

If Stapleton is done, it leaves us with only 12 O-Lineman in camp. I would guess we will carry at least 9, but when an injury like this pops up, you tend to maybe carry more. We could carry 10. I would expect all 12 make either the team...or the Practice squad.

Here are the 12:

Starks, Kemo, Hartwig, Essex, Colon

Legursky, Shipley, Urbik, Parquet, Capizzi, Hills, and Foster.

I would guess that the 2 or 3 guys they think will be the easiest to get to the PS will be the ones cut.

Robert said...

If he is done this would hurt pretty badly as Stapleton is a good backup. I really think Essex can come in a do as well as he did its just new we are really thin at the interior lineman positions.

Perhaps we should have drafted some decent lineman the last 4 years.

Anonymous said...

Wexell reported Stapleton was on sidelines in street clothes but he was tossing football around.

Also said Ben didn't practice today.

Anonymous said...

Ben was given a rest in the afternoon I some Ward snd the others.