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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Let's put Vick to Steelers to rest

Again the rumors that the Steelers are interested in Michael Vick are swirling out there.

But I can tell that it's not going to happen.

Mike Tomlin hasn't publicly denied that the Steelers might be interested in Vick, only saying that they examine all options but don't speak specifically about individual free agents.

Privately, however, while one source acknowledgeed that the team would probably be one of the few that could withstand the firestorm that is sure to surround Vick thanks to its rabid fanbase, it's really not interested.

I hope that's as plain as I can be with that. The Steelers aren't going to sign Vick.


Robbie said...

Why wouldn't Tomlin deny it then? Is he just having some fun at the media's expense?

kyle said...

The same reason he won't deny interest in Marvin Harrison, or Matt Jones, or resigning Kendall Simmons, he doesn't have to. Just because people are more interested in who will sign Vick doesn't mean teams have to upset protocol and start ruling out free agents. Nobody ever does that (except for the coaches looking to douse this fire for their own messed up teams)why should they now?

Dale Lolley said...

His reasoning is that if he answers questions about Vick, he'll have to answer questions about every big-name guy that comes up.

Anonymous said...

So Dale, Your saying that we have a chance, LMAO

Captain Cocktail said...

I never thought they would. Can't see the Rooneys doing that.

I thought maybe the Vikings

deljzc said...

I am praying you are right Dale.

I'm on record to boycott the Steelers for as long as Vick in on the roster. I figure losing 2-3 years out of 60-70 I plan on being a fan is something I can do to stand up for something I believe in - which is the NFL has no room for people like Vick.

I already plan on writing letters and boycotting businesses associated with the team that does sign Vick (and not watching any of their games). But I am glad to hear you are so sure it's not going to be the Steelers.

datruth4life said...


If Redman and Summers play well this preseason, do you think there is a chance that the Steelers could keep both and open the season with 5 RBs?

Mike said...

Wow deljzc.

Did you react as strongly to Dante Stallworth, or to Leonard Little?

Anonymous said...

Anyone who has followed the Steelers for any amount of time should know that there is no way the Rooney's would ever sign him.

The first post in this thread was probably more time than the Steelers put into consideration for Vick.

This is a non-issue. He isn't coming here....never was.

Patrick said...

del, I don't really agree with you. But its opinions.

This whole situation raises strange questions. Is he never allowed back in the league? How much do we punish a guy?

I'm of the opinion that people deserve second chances. And I think the only chance this guy has to make things better for himself, and potentially positively effect other would be dog abusers, is to let him earn in the only occupation he knows how to.

All that said, I'm not sure his future should be with the Steelers. (besides the fact we have Dixon). But I'm not burning my terrible towerl if he was signed (which I don't think he will be).

I just think he has been punished enough and deserves a chance to make things right, as much as he possibly can.

Tim said...

What kind of 28 year old needs more than one chance at guessing whether dog torture is good or bad?

I don't want to compare what Stallworth did to what Vick did, and say one set of consequences was worse than the other. But one thing is clear: Dante was careless and stupid. Vick was cruel. There is a big difference there.

His "second chance" is his release from prison. Would your job welcome you back?

I will also be boycotting the team that signs Michael Vick.

Patrick said...

its really about him making himself more valuable to society in general and giving back - whether its financially or through animal cruelty programs.

Not to mention, he did his time in prison (a hell of a lot more than Stallworth did) and sat out two years of football. Its not like this guy is walking away scott free.

I mean, I'm voicing my opinion on it. But its not like I'm going to be upset if he doesn't play again, I still find what he did cruel and heinous.

B said...

Agreed with Jake, there is a greater chance of the second coming of Kordell Stewart returning to the Steelers then them signing Vick. Seriously.

Matt said...

I wish Tomlin would just deny interest, so morons like Florio and Peter King would stop saying it could happen.

Dale Lolley said...

Tomlin won't do it publicly because to do so would open him up to having to answer questions about, for example, Plaxico Burress. Privately, it's a different matter.
Florio has no access - though he does have a good team source. He's apparently too busy to pick a phone and call that person.
King does have some access - though he hasn't been in Latrobe since the second day of practice. He could pick up a phone as well, though.

Anonymous said...

Boy, "U" Guys R-A- bunch of "RACIST. All this talk about boycotting is ridiculous. What has this guy done? Dog fighting, WOW! Some of "U" act as if Vick have murdered someone, come on. This is done around the world. Let a Black person do something wrong "U" want to hang them. Dick- Heads grow up.

spqrbones said...

You yourself just stated that Vick did something wrong, so you sort of negate your own argument...

Abusing animals IS wrong, regardless of where or in how many places it is done. Beyond that, in this country it is illegal. He broke the law. I would never personally boycott the team that signed him. I think he has been punished and should be allowed to move on with his life. Regardless of that fact, however, his animals will not get that chance. I work in greyhound rescue and see animal cruelty personally, so I know how painful it can be to the animals.

On a final note, I find it interesting that the person crying racism is the first, and only, person to even note that Vick is African-American. Everyone else has focused on his crime or his football... And please try to avoid crudity. The people here are quite civil.

deljzc said...

I agree with Tim about the difference between drinking and driving and cruetly to animals. Not even in the same ball field as far as I'm concerned.

I have a father-in-law, two cousins and a very close friend that have been punished for drunk driving. In my youth, I probably did it more than I care to admit. I would be surprised if there is anyone reading this that doesn't know someone close to them that has done the same.

The fact he killed someone while drinking and driving is just luck of the draw. It could have happened to anyone that drinks and then drives. Our country's infatuation with both drinking and cars creates this common overlap of something very wrong and very serious. It is hard to separate the two in your youth in my opinion.

I don't know anyone who knowingly commits cruelty to animals to the degree Vick bankroled. This is not about just what Vick did first-hand, but what his money and fame promoted for years along the mid-atlantic coast. It not just about the 30-40 animals he owned and killed. It's about the 1000's that may have been involved because Vick bankrolled and organized dog fighting events.

I can forgive drunk driving and the unfortunate incidents that sometimes occur when that happens. In Little's and Stallworth's cases, I would have liked to see 1-year suspensions on top of whatever they served via prison/court punishment.

In Vick's case, a 1-year suspension on top of his prison term should have been minimum.

The prison term is irrelevant to me. We can debate like crazy if the punishments Vick, Stallworth and Burress from the judicial system are correct or not. Again, separate debate.

Vick deserved punishment from the league for what he did. The idea his prison term was enough doesn't make sense to me.

And I'm not going to burn my Terrible Towel. Just put it away in a drawer until Vick is off the roster.

Anonymous said...

vick is not that good anyway. only averaged 13 td per year in the nfl, that's less than 1 per game. no super bowl apperance. lots of turn overs ( fumbles, int). and now who needs that cancer in there team?