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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Rookies to watch for

Here's a look at some players to watch for in the Steelers' preseason game Thursday against the Cardinals.

Ziggy Hood - This one needs no explaining. Hood, the Steelers' top draft pick, has the look of a future star - or at least as much of a star as defensive linemen can be in this defense.

Mike Wallace - The speedy wide receiver has been catching everything at Saint Vincent College. How will he do in game action with the threat of being hit? He's pushing for the No. 3 receiver spot - or at least spot duty in that spot as a deep threat. He's the frontrunner for the kick return spot as well.

Keenan Lewis - Lewis will be tested by Arizona's receiving corps even though star wideouts Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin won't play much. He's a big, physical corner,

Joe Burnett - Burnett has looked good on special teams as a gunner, but the Steelers got him to pump up their return game. He'll start as the No. 1 punt returner and also get a shot as the kickoff returner. He's not bad as a cornerback, either.

Ramon Foster - Foster is the undrafted rookie most likely to make the 53-man roster. He's outplayed third-round draft pick Kraig Urbik. He'll be playing at left guard. Watch this kid finish his blocks. He's nasty.

Isaac Redman - When I spoke to Redman earlier this spring, I watched some video of him on Youtube first to get a feel for his running style. It's bull in a China shop. He told me then that the Steelers hadn't asked him to play any fullback, but he's seeing time time there now. Keep an eye on him.

Brandon Williams – Williams has flown under the radar, but he's having a good camp after a good spring as well. He could beat veteran Shaun McDonald out for a roster spot.

Doug Legursky - A center-guard combo, Legursky will get the start at center with Justin Hartwig and Darnell Stapleton out. Not too many young players get a shot like this. Look for Legursky to make the most of it.

Rashard Mendenhall - His rookie season was a washout, so Mendenhall has plenty to prove.


Robert said...

Our two "weapons" from our draft two years ago have the most to prove by far. The organization invested alot in them and has zero returns so far.

F'n Skinley said...

I like it! Lets get it on!

Anonymous said...

nice list Dale. But no Summers? Also, I have heard that Brandon Williams looks terrible in camp, what did you see that was different?

Anonymous said...

What about Shipley? I am going to look very closely to see if he actually has arms!

Collin Williams said...

I can't wait to see Redman and Mendenhall.

datruth4life said...


No mention of Jason Capizzi, who could end up being the very important swing tackle and 6th man on this offensive line? I will be watching closely tonight to see how he and Tony Hills look.

And Dale, it's funny how you and Wexell can see the same practice and come away with such different opinions on players. Not a criticism, just an observation. I tend to agree with your opinions a little more than his.

Thank God football is back!

Anonymous said...

Jason Capizzi isn't a rookie.

Anonymous said...

The most recent draft looks like it will more than make up for last year's abomination. By all accounts it sounds like Mike Wallace should be our WR#3 but will not be given the opportunity to really have that job because the coaches want to give Sweed the opportunity. I saw enough of Sweed at Texas to know that's a mistake. He stinks.

Robert said...

I will be watching to see how #69 Capizzi does. GO IUP!~!!!!

Dale Lolley said...

Different people see things differently. Doesn't mean either one is right or wrong all the time. Just a fact.

As for Williams, he flashed in the spring and gets better sep in and out of his breaks than McDonald. Don't know where you've gotten that he's had a bad camp. I sure haven't seen it.

Robert said...

I saw Mcdonald make a great one handed catch last Saturday.

rocket9 said...

Sweed showed a lot tonight..he also dropped a catchable sideline pass but Hines drops a ball occasionally too. Very happy with Limas.

Mendenhall just looks like another guy to me. He's fast and quick but he doesn't seem to like to take it up inside. Maybe its the Oline ..maybe its him. I remain unimpressed by he has time obviously.

Redman gets that extra yard ..or two..almost every time. LIke his pad level and his leg drive. Very interesting player..

Burnett is a keeper..just for returns alone.

Wallace looks every bit the steal! More and more impressive..his poise and route running are solid and then there's that speed.

Dixon was terrific. I was so impressed with him tonight..Our QB situation with Ben, Batch and Dixon are in very good hands.

Hey, even Bruce Davis flashed a little..nice stop on the screen and a ST's tackle. Summers had a nice hit on ST"s and led the way nicely for Redman on the TD.

Our punter is ..awesome..pinned them back all night.

I wathced the whole thing on the net so I missed a lot, no doubt. But all in all..a nice night.

Anonymous said...

and....brandon williams didnt even see the field...

Dale Lolley said...

They held Williams out because he was hurt. He came back on Tuesday, but they wanted to err on the side of caution.

Anonymous said...

No love for AQ Shipley? He's the best player that the steelers drafted. And 5 years from now he will be the steel of the 09 draft( 7th round).