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Saturday, August 01, 2009

Saturday afternoon practice

Sorry this one took so long to get up, but I had to go back to Washington to pull desk duty tonight, so I had other things to take care of.

Lawrence Timmons left the afternoon practice with what was descibed as cramps by Mike Tomlin. They happened during back-on-backers, though, so who really knows if it was a cramp or something else? Either, way, it didn't look serious.

Back-on-backers wasn't really too exciting, though rookie running back Issac Redman caught my eye as a blocker and drew praise from head coach Mike Tomlin, who had joked at dinner the previous night that he didn't know the kid's name and had been calling him Barlow.

"I like the way you block 33," Tomlin said, later praising Redman again.

Redman looked the best of the running backs in the drill, though rookie tight end David Johnson showed he's stout when he gets set.

Of the backers, other than the usual suspects - read James Harrison - Andre Frazier and Donovan Woods both showed good power/moves.

Bruce Davis was disappointing and looks more like a finesse player than a powerful linebacker. He still has a long way to go.

Davis' cohort last training camp, Tony Hills looked equally as bad in the one-on-one pass blocking drills with the defensive linemen. According to trained eye Craig Wolfley, Hills stops moving his feet when he punches and also likes to lunge. Both are apparently no-nos for offensive linemen.

Things were getting so bad for Hills - who admittedly was matched with Harrison several times - that I felt they needed to bring Davis over for a morale boost. Not sure which one of them would have gotten the morale boost, but one would have.

Rookie guard Kriag Urbik also got schooled a number of times with head coach Mike Tomlin finally yelling at him to show a little self-respect. The rookie's not going to unseat Darnell Stapleton at right guard.

From what I've seen already of Trai Essex, though, he might. He looks leaner this year and he also appears more powerful.

Board favorite Doug Legursky - yes I finally watched him - isn't all that bad. With Justin Hartwig out with a toe injury, Legursky got plenty of work with the second unit and more than held his own. He might actually have a shot if he can prove he can play guard as well.

Legursky, though, like Timmons and running back Frank Summers, had to leave practice with cramps.

Charlie Batch has not started this camp very well, throwing some horrific passes. The No. 2 job could be there for the taking by Dennis Dixon.


Anonymous said...

That is very disappointing news to read about Hills and Bruce Davis. Davis was a third round pick if he looks this bad after two years that is really sad.

datruth4life said...


How did Jason Capizzi and Ramon Foster look in the drills? With the team having Capizzi play G as well as both Tackle spots, then that means they are seriously looking at Capizzi as the swing lineman on game day if Trai Essex wins that starting RG spot.

Also, I thought Charlie Batch was done this past preseason before he injured his shoulder. His passes had no velocity and he could only lob his throws, and that was before the injury. Do you think a terrible showing by Batch in the preseason could prompt Tomlin & Colbert to give Vick a call as the 3rd QB?

Dale Lolley said...

Capizzi looked OK.
Foster had some rookie moments. I want to see more.

Collin Williams said...

Hey datruth4life I'm not Dale but I'm sure the Steelers would never call for Vick The Steelers don't like to get distractions. Also I think Charlie Batch should be 3rd string and Dixon be 2nd. I dunno Let's see what Dale says.

Anonymous said...

nice article. Thanks. Kind of expected Davis and Hills to be busts. Davis is just really weak for his size and Hills has no feet. We're not talking minor fixes. Does David Johnson look like he could play FB?

Dale Lolley said...

Johnson has the right build.

As for Vick, no, I don't see that happening.

Cogswell Cogs said...

I am not surprised at all that Isaac Redman is showing off the first day of camp. Way to go for him. I don't want to exaggerate, but look him up on youtube; he looks like the second coming of Jim Brown. There is also a bit of Barry Sanders there too. I know her only played against junior college competition but if he can do even 10 percent of what he did on those youtube videos he will surely make the team. Plus the kid is big, tall, and strong but runs low and bounces off people like a pinball. They knew about him since high school. Their scouts deserve a medal for finding these undrafted rookies year after year. Can you tell I am excited. Here we go steelers!!

Anonymous said...

A combination of Jim Brown and Barry Sanders? Cmon man at least try to be believable in your praise.

steelguy said...

How did Summers look blocking?

Did you see Redman tote the rock at all?

Dale Lolley said...

Summers did OK.

As for carrying the ball, I want to wait for games and goal line stuff before I make any judgments about that. Even out here, they're not tackling the running backs, so it's tough to see much - unless it's a speed back.
I could tell in 2004 that Willie Parker was something special, even in shorts. He just left guys in his wake.

Patrick said...


I don't know if you are the same anonymous who keeps writing these funny posts, but if so, you really need to get a gmail or username. You crack me up.

If a RB had half of what Brown or Sanders had, they would be on their to stardom. The only current RB who even comes close is A. Peterson.

Patrick said...

and I mean funny in the sense of how you respond to the silly comments. I'm not criticizing you, but agreeing with you.

superfan99 said...


I'm hearing a lot of conflicting reports on Davis. One of the posters on the Steelers message board writes detailed training camp reports, and he gave Davis rave reviews. Adam Schefter posted on Twitter that Davis looked explosive.

Does he really look as bad as you wrote?

Anonymous said...

I'll second the comment on Davis. I've heard several people saying that he really is looking good this year, so I was surprised to read your comments.

Cajunyankee said...

I too found the difference in opinions about Davis disheartening. but we'll definately know moe come pre-season.
I also read Dixon looked quite sharp.
How is Legursky looking. For some unknown reason I want to see him succeed here.
Thanks for the updates Dale!!!!!

Anonymous said...

haha. Issac Redman...Barry Sanders with 4.9 speed. He will surely make the team? Have you looked at the depth chart. He's shooting for practice squad at best.

Robert said...

I hope the Steelers coaches make Dixon our #2 QB. If he outdoes Batch in practice and preseason games then make the kid the backup don't just give it to batch cause he has more experience, that just seems like coaching not to lose.

Anonymous said...

There was a Mike Shanahan sighting in Latrobe today...any good reason?

Dale Lolley said...

Shanahan, I believe, was working for NFL Network.

Anybody who's thinking Davis is looking good isn't looking very hard.

Anonymous said...


Any word on how talks are going with Jeff Reed and Brett Keisel? I read where Wexell mentioned that Coach Tomlin asked the front office to kickstart things with Keisel so wasn't sure if that happened yet?

Anonymous said...

Haven't seen anything from Dale for a bit now...hope all is well.

Robert said...

i need my update fix!

Anonymous said...

What other sites have daily updates after the morning session and then the afternoon

Anonymous said...

Dale where r u?!

Anonymous said...

Wexell updates pretty regularly also after morning & afternoon sessions.

He said Stapleton is awaiting MRI results and when asked if he thought it was season ending he said he didn't know. Didn't sound good.

Dale is probably busy and will update soon.

Kolby said...

Wexell is pretty good at updating on Twitter. He usually has full updates on SCI following the afternoon workout not the morning. is pretty good at updates

and Mike Bires updates on after each session.