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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Roethlisberger appears OK

As I'm sure you know by now, Ben Roethlisberger was injured in Thursday's final practice at Saint Vincent College.

It appears that Roethlisberger is OK, though.

While he did not participate, Roethlisberger was at the team's annual softball game to close out training camp that pits the offense against the defense.

Roethlisberger sat in a chair by the third base coaching box without anything on his right ankle or foot.

He's probably out for Saturday's preseason game at Washington, but it does not appear to be a long-term injury.


BDHumbert said...

So Dale - heck with Ben - he gets way too much pub...

The big question is who won the softball game!!!!

Captain Cocktail said...

Whew! I was getting worried he WOULDN'T get injured. The drama queen plays his best ball when hes injured.

I'd like to see Casey Hampton swing a bat though

marc said...

i'll bet you clark plays CF then comes up and destroys the baserunner's going into second base.

Anonymous said...

Softball game ended in tie..1-1.

Wexell said Dixon had an amazing catch in CF. I guess Carey Davis saved the game for offense and scored the tie run.

Patrick said...

i really don't know why these guys are playing softball

if they played a pickup game of softball and tore something, we would be going nuts. In the meantime, Dixon is diving past LF's for outs right in front of the coaches

Its just not smart. I'm all for the guys having fun, but not 3 weeks before opening day - especially when it serves no point. Go bowling or watch the movies.

Anonymous said...

They do it every year and make it through without injury.

Not sure they can live their lives in a plastic bubble. Let them have some fun to end camp.
They'll survive.

Patrick said...

my point is there is plenty of ways to have fun without your back up QB diving for softballs.

Would you be happy if a starter injured himself in a pick up game with friends? I don't see the difference. And if Dixon is diving for balls, someone should be telling him to stop with that.

The day we lose a starter in this softball game is the day it ends for good.

You just like to argue for the sake of argument don't you? Highschool must be tough for you.

Anonymous said...

If you took such offense to my statement I apologize. Not sure I saw it as negative towards you.

I would hate to see anyone injured, starter or not. But, if you are seriously worried about starters, why be so fixated on Dixon? Or is he now our #1?

As for being in h.s., I am not the one whining about the players participating in a softball game. The photos from the game and the reports hardly made it sound like it was life threatening. Seems to me (and maybe I am wrong) that the coaches & front office who attended have a bit more invested in the guys than you do. We do pay for tickets (just shelled out my box money fee-ouch) and I'd hate to spend so much and hear I can't watch a starter due to needless injury, but it's not like they live in a bubble when away from camp. They play basketball half the offseason and although they train year round, I'd assume they play other sports in spare time.

Guess a little softball game doesn't work me up. But, then again I am not a whiner.

Anonymous said...

Patrick, had to laugh at you calling the last person a high schooler. When it kind of sounds like you are the one instigating and acting like a nervous child.

Can no one else have an opinion? Do you honestly believe softball is the worst thing they do off the field?

Tell you what, since you are obviously a Dixon lover, maybe you can be his personal bodyguard (if you can handle it) and follow him everywhere-make sure he doesn't step in any mud puddles..he could slide and get a boo boo.

I hate to see anyone get hurt too, but we are not in control of them that I know of. Seems to me these athletes have made it through life awhile without our guidance. Hell, we are the ones watching, obviously meaning we were not talented enough to get where they are. I think I will let them make their own decisions. Not like I could do what they do ever.

Anonymous said...

Don't bother with Patrick. Seems he always finds something or someone to complain about. No idea who or what he is actually a fan of. No matter.

Thanks for softball game info and thanks to Dale for all the updates throughout training camp. First year I've missed getting to see at least one day of camp, so it was great to be able to hear what is going on.

Keep it up Dale.

Dale Lolley said...

I didn't get to do as much as I usually do due to cutbacks here at the paper that forced me to miss a number of days of camp.
Didn't feel right blogging about camp when I wasn't there full time.
As it was, I was probably there about 60 percent of the time, which is on par with pretty much everyone else - save Wex.
But I couldn't do daily practice reports as I usually do. Maybe that will change next year.

As for the softball game, the Dixon catch was the best I've ever seen in person. He covered a lot of ground and came up with the ball after laying out.
Hines Ward made a couple of nice plays at third as well.

Patrick said...

1st of all, Dale explains my problem with it nicely, Dixon "laying out" for this amazing catch. Why would we want any player laying out for a softball catch? What is the point in that? Can anyone explain that?

2nd, I thought "anounymous" was the same person who instigated with me in the previous post.

You guys all want to tack on, but I garuntee if J. Harrison blew out a knee in this softball game, people would be raising hell about it. But that didn't happen,so obviously I'm an idiot right? makes sense.

I think Dixon has potential to jump start our offense in certain games and situations, but the only reason I mentioned him specifically is because he is the one who laid out for this catch.

So um, commentor with the bodyguard comment , put 2 and 2 together and think next time? Maybe?

Patrick said...

oh and for all those concerned with real news, besides this garbage, Roethlisberger filed a motion to dismiss today. Pretty big deal in a civil suit and could possibly end all this sexual assualt stuff with him in one stroke. Pending appeals and such.

I think he has a good chance of succeeding with it and could ease a lot of the pressure off him heading into the season.

Anonymous said...

Hey Patrick, instead of complaining about anyone else having an opinion, learn how to spell. Or at least use spell check.

I am fine with differing opinions, but not fine with being whined at by a supposed adult who cannot even spell their argument out.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like Dixon is fine, no emergency medics called. So, why not move on?

I totally agree that I don't want any guys hurt in a nothing game, but I also think if they want to play a softball let them.

These guys are competitive athletes, so Dixon or anyone else going all out is not surprising. Probably hard to turn off that competitive drive. Not arguing so don't get worked up again, just throwing my 2 cents in.

As for Ben, no surprise they filed to dismiss. His attorney announced 3 days ago he intended to. So glad they did and hope it does end soon. I don't know Ben, and I wasn't there in Tahoe but the story just doesn't add up to being true in my opinion. But, football is all I care about regarding Ben so let's get on with the season. Let his lawyers worry about the off the field crap.

Patrick said...

this is all dumb, and i really don't care about spelling, we're not a newspaper and its a blog

But if we did, and spelling is your argument, it sucks. move on. I'm done responding to you.

As for the motion, it could end up having effects on football, because if they dismiss it, they won't have to put Roethilsberger (i probably didn't spell that right, so you guys can barely read this, i know) up to testify. and he can stay focused on games, and not what to say/what not to say. and avoid a potentially embarassing situation

Anonymous said...

As another anonymous, I don't have any problem with them playing this softball game, someone could drop a bowling ball on someones foot too Patrick. Mayne someone could fall down the steps at home and be out for the season, who knows, they are people, we shouldn't want them to live in a protective bubble in their free time.

Patrick said...

yeh and if any one of those things happened, everyone here would probably question, why did they have the bowling bowl in their hands 3 weeks before the season? Sounds ridiculous, but I bet one of you would ask it if that situation occured.

Lets not forget the Brandon Marshall situation, he was wrestling around with a friend or sibling and cut his hand. Stupid? yes. Is diving for a softball, and having such a great catch, any smarter? I just don't see how its that much different. It's slightly different for sure, you can nitpick all you want, but why, why, why is a NFL player (who has a legimate chance of being a #2 QB on our team) diving for a catch in a pickup fun game, a smart decision? No one has explained that yet. And I think it is stupid. Theres my position, please argue it better, other than saying "they don't live in a protective bubble". (No shit. Thanks for the insight about people who live in protective bubbles)

Did I spell everything right this time?

Collin Williams said...


No you didn't spell everything right

Anonymous said...

Good lord, the guys have a right to have some fun. The front office evidently didn't find any fault in it. Let it go, Patrick.

Patrick said...

ok we're all friends again

can someone agree with me on this: these announcers hvae Orakpo as the second coming. He looks nice and will prob be a good player. But he launched Tony Hills and Hills....went nowhere. Either did Orakpo.

This is a flashback to espn sunday night announcers a few years ago and it is awful.

They might have said his name 100 times in this half.

Anyway, Dixon looks nice and his scramble was pretty. Maybe he learned it on the softball field.