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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

What's up with Ward

Head coach Mike Tomlin is saying that there's nothing wrong with Hines Ward. Ward is saying the head coach wants him to sit out practices to take a good look at the young guys fighting for roster spots.

But the fact remains that Ward has now sat out three days worth of practices at Saint Vincent College.

Ward also barely practiced this spring, suiting up for only the final week of OTAs after having offseason shoulder surgery.

The B.S. meter is going off on this one, but Ward does appear healthy, running and catching passes after practice, Maybe they are getting more looks at the young wideouts - particuarly Limas Sweed. Maybe they are force-feeding Sweed the playbook just in case Ward or Santonio Holmes miss any time this season.

There isn't, after all, a ton of depth behind the two starters.


Anonymous said...

Ward has been sitting out of more and more practices since last year. He is getting older and Tomlin is trying to eek out as many miles as he can by limiting practice time for someone who obviously does not need it. This doesn't seem like news to me, it has been going on for some time now.

Anonymous said...

how's Wallace looking Dale?

I'm hearing good things.

Robert said...

I hope Ward is okay our offense wasn't the same when he got hurt last year in the playoffs. If he had been healthy I don't think the AFC championship game or Superbowl would have been near that close. He is still our most consistant WR. Holmes still has too many up and down games.

Dale Lolley said...

You see that up-and-down stuff with Santonio in practice as well. He'll make some nice catches and then drop a couple, as he did Tuesday during the two-minute drill.

rocket9 said...

Ward is that clutch guy who moves the chains. He makes the snag at crucial times in games and drives. I really think that they just need to find out whether Sweed or McDonald can handle their duties and whether Santonio has fully arrived.. Ward is a known quantity and I think they just want to save him for when the real thing starts. Cool with me.

emac2 said...

I have no concern about our WR depth.

Wallace is going to be a better Washington and Sweed is ready to be a starter.

Anonymous said...

Whoa, Wallace is going to be better than Washington? lol, maybe in a few years

Great posts Dale btw.