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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Wallace impressive

Rookie Mike Wallace continues to impress at training camp, showing off great hands in addition to great speed.

If Limas Sweed isn't feeling the heat, he should be. Not only is veteran Shaun McDonald pushing him, so is Wallace.

© The starters will only play a couple of series in the preseason opener Thursday. That should give the Steelers a good look at sorting out that No. 3 receiver spot and some other positions as well.

© Andre Frazier is firmly entrenched as the No. 3 outside linebacker. James Harrison was given the day off Tuesday and Frazier filled in for him. This after stepping if for LaMarr Woodley last week.

© Aaron Smith was also given the day off and was replaced by Nick Eason, not rookie Ziggy Hood.

Don't want to give the kid a big head by throwing him right in there even though he'll eventually be that guy.

© Doug Legursky will start at center against the Cardinals. It says something for sticking to things and battling.

© Ben Roethlisberger's arm looks like it's working its way into regular season shape. He's throwing some great passes now, including a beautiful touch pass to running back Rashard Mendenhall down the sideline with Frazier in tow.


Collin Williams said...


Do you think Shaun McDonald or Mike Wallace is going to be the 3rd receiver instead of Limas Sweed. How come they didn't see how Ziggy did?

Anonymous said...

colin, dale didn't say limas wouldn't get the job, just that he should be feeling some heat because the other two guys in the running are also performing well. I would bet sweed still gets it. The coaching staff are still able to observe ziggy even if he isn't filling in on the first team. Ziggy probably doesn't know the playbook as well as eason thats why at this time and date eason got the nod to fill in.

Blount Trauma said...

Dale, I know Sonny Harris has only been back from injury for a few days now but what's your general impression of him so far?

Brian said...

I was at camp last Friday/Saturday, and I thought Sweed and McDonald were neck and neck. McDonald was making some circus one-handed catches in the seam. Sweed seems to be the more athletic player, but McDonald is more polished and confident. Wallace made some nice plays Friday night, but he seems to be a notch below the other two to me.

Dale Lolley said...

Wallace's speed can't be denied. And remember, many of the patterns Washington ran were deep stuff.

Sonny Harris is a project. Likely headed to PS.

Anonymous said...

How about the play of dallas baker? ive heard he has had some good practices lately.

Robert said...

I think it is time to cut the cord on teh dallas baker experiemnt. We have drafted and brought in too many wr's for him to stick around.

Its sad that Sweed can't lock up a #3 spot. We thought he was a huge value pick when we drafted him but I guess there was a reason all those other teams passed on him for two rounds.

Anonymous said...

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marc said...

don't get too down on sweed. first of all, we're talking about a #3 spot on a team with 2 super bowl mvp wide receivers. second, macdonald, in my opinion, was a very good under the radar pickup by the steelers.

i find it hard to believe wallace will leapfrog both of them. if he does, then he'll be the steal of the draft.

in my opinion, sweed and macdonald will rotate early in the season then the coaches will go from there.

Robert said...

This is really much ado about nothing, I don't expect our oline to pass protect well enough for our #3 wr to put up any significant numbers.

Tim said...


I've heard Keyaron Fox is playing very well. Could he be ILB of the future, once Farrior retires?

Captain Cocktail said...

Maybe McDonald can show Sweed how to catch the ball.

I'm curious to see how the former Herd center will do tomorrow night

marc said...

looking for on thursday night:

1. mendenhall make good cuts
2. no drops for sweed
3. gay doesn't get beat deep

and for the love of god can our o-line push the other guys backwards!!

kelly said...

"Robert said...
This is really much ado about nothing, I don't expect our oline to pass protect well enough for our #3 wr to put up any significant numbers."

Well, Washington put up good enough numbers to land him a fat contract.