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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Hartwig signs extension

The Steelers on Tuesday agreed to a three-year contract extension with center Justin Hartwig.

The deal will keep Hartwig in Pittsburgh through 2012.

© It does not appear linebacker Lawrence Timmons will play against the Titans on Thursday. Though he's walking without a limp, Timmons has still been unable to practice and is likely waiting until next week to see if he can make it back for the team's second game.

Timmons sprained the ankle two weeks ago against the Buffalo Bills in the Steelers' third preseason game.

© The team had its special teams charts up in the locker room this week and the one thing that jumped out at me was on the depth chart.

Behind long snapper Greg Warren there was simply a ? I guess James Harrison is no longer the team's backup long snapper.


Anonymous said...

the aq shipley fans will moan.

Patrick said...

I don't really love the Hartwig signing, but its kind of cheap. No big deal to me.

What I really don't get is the unfortunately comical "?" on the LS depth chart. I realize the chances are slim of that injury happening again, but who knows. The point is, after it happened once and practically cost you the game, wouldn't you have a back up plan found at some point during training camp?

Maybe it's just an inside joke, but if Warren gets hurt and Harrison is long snapping, to quote Morrisey, "that joke just isn't funny anymore"

adamg said...

I think if there was a poll of the last vet the Steelers would sign, Hartwig would have been in the "other" choice. Hartwig really has stabilized the OL so I don't have a problem with it and the deal is pretty cheap.

As for LS, IIRC, Shipley worked as the back up long snapper in training camp. Now that AQ is on the practice squad, he can continue to hone that skill. Who knows, maybe if Shipley shows he is a good LS, that would save a roster spot now dedicated to a specialist who can play no other position next year.

deljzc said...

Dale, is there any way you can get that whole chart information?

One of the hardest things to find is who exactly is on the field for special teams plays. I am very curious.


Anonymous said...

Legursky longsnaps too. But he's apparently a bit erratic. Which is usually he case with guys with short arms.

Did you get a sense of who gets a helmet and who doesn't Thurs based on that special teams chart? Bouchette was saying Hood will play and Eason won't. Think that's where he got that?

HACK said...

According to is the ?

Dale Lolley said...

That could be where Ed got that information. I didn't take too long of a look at the chart because Tomlin was walking through and I didn't know how he would react to that.

As for posting full info from the board, that's probably a no-no. Can't give away any trade secrets.

Patrick said...


is the prediction coming tomorrow?

I'll give mine now:

24-20 Steelers, with a late Steelers TD to win it. My gut tells me Steelers win, but logically, I think the Titans could take it.

It will really come down to if the Steelers can contain the Titan's RB's. I don't think Collins beats them. Though if I remember right, he did well last year against them.

Dogo said...

Collins did do well. He did what he was supposed to do. Get rid of the ball quickly. Don't take sacks. Don't turn the ball over. 92 & 56 need to get to him this time around.

Anonymous said...

logic tells me Patricia doesn't know what she's talkin about

Patrick said...

you always got to start something

but again, did you give ANY reason why?

just a bunch of boring insults and nothing to contribute

Robert said...

I think our coverage units need to do a better job holding up. Harrison and Woodley can't do anything if the titans wr's are open instantly and Collins gets the ball out after 3 steps every play.

Anonymous said...


wow, are you predicting the future or what? They were pretty good at it last season