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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wednesday notes

There were a couple of scoring changes from the Steelers' loss to Chicago.

First, Tyrone Carter was credited with a sack of Jay Cutler in the second quarter that was originally ruled a scramble in the press box. The play went for a one-yard loss and happened with 40 seconds left in the first half.

That gives the Steelers three sacks this season instead of two, thus nullifying everyone's questions about the lack of a pass rush for this team.

© Willie Parker was charged with a first quarter fumble with 1:18 left in the first quarter. The forced fumble was given to Charles Tillman, while Parker was credited with a recovery.

© Tyrone Carter and Troy Polamalu were the only players out with injuries today. Hines Ward and Aaron Smith got a vet's day off.

Limas Sweed was back at practice after sitting out last week and being inactive against the Bears.


Dr Obvious said...

thus nullifying everyone's questions about the lack of a pass rush for this team.

Patrick said...

yeh Dale, that was a real ZING!

in all seriousness. The pass rush could use some improvement, but when you blitz a lot, a quick drop and QB with a quik release will cause those problems.

Especially when the LOS is at the 20 and Gay is playing at the 35.

Anonymous said...

c'mon man, he's not really playing 15 yards off the ball... just seems that way because it takes him soooooo lonnngggg to react...

Anonymous said...

Great post....

dog eat your homework?

Anonymous said...

It was roughly an 8 yard cushion Gay gave to Peterson but I'm not about to start second-guessing Dick Lebeau now. They didn't lose the game because Randall Gay played too far off a RB or because of Jeff Reed or even because of the offensive line. They lost because Santonio Holmes dropped four passes and the offense sputtered following the opening drive. That's my two cents anyway. A lot of teams would like to give up only 17 points on a bad day by the defense.

Patrick said...

when the Steelers get Randall Gay, let me know

Anonymous said...

thought it was Ben Gay....

Dale Lolley said...

As mentioned by another poster, Gay is doing what they are asking of him. The Steelers don't think a team can consistently dink and dunk them down the field without making a mistake.

Greg Mercer said...

Bears did it twice.

Anonymous said...

"Bears did it twice" - with help from a 15 yard penalty once and excellent field position the other time. Also gotta remember the Steelers failed to keep them out of the endzone on 3rd down. Hold teams to field goals. That will be a big step.

noel said...

Oops, naturally I meant William, not Randall Gay. I'm not too worried about the defense. The pass rush will come around and most teams can't even contemplate running against us. Fourteen points on offense just aren't enough to win consistently even with our D.

I do agree though that Tyrone Carter isn't cutting it. He reminds me of a smaller version of Lee Flowers.

I'm not a fan of Arians but I like the inside TE screen he's brought back and last year he did a good job implementing a variety of draw plays on first and second down to compensate for the weak run-blocking (his draw plays from the shotgun never seemed to work though). The run game doesn't need to be the best in the league but soon defenses are just going to gear up against the pass and the turnovers will go up. They need to get it going enough to keep the offense from becoming one-dimensional.

Anonymous said...

one dimensional would be an improvement. Right now this team is no dimensional.

This year's defense is not going to be as good as last years, it can't be, its a year older in an already aging lineup. And lost one solid DB - McF - which has not been effectively replaced. But the D will be there at the end of the year to make a playoff run.

But the Offense?

IF you take away the 3 points in OT, this team is next to last in the league in scoring - yes we are ahead of the Rams....with a bullet.

Ben is still Ben and OL is definitely better, on Pass D they even look solid. SO what's the problem?

We do not have a consistent playmakers in the skills positions, with the exception of Heath and Moore who do not get a lot of touches.

They need to test Mendy and find out soon if he is the real deal.

And as the 3 WR set is now their base set, they need 3 solid WRs. Wallace looks like he is a solid 4 and a year away from being a 3. And Sweed to date is a dud. (not saying that might not change).

The issue is, someone, Ariens?Tomlin? needs to make some decisions soon. If they wait until week 6-7, might be too late to make adjustments to finish out the yaer strong offensively.

This is going to be a competitive year. Lots of teams in the AFC looked primed.

Anonymous said...

Hard to get sacks when you are held EVERY play. Harrison was taken down almost every pass rush.

marc said...

playoff caliber teams WILL be able to dink and dunk down the field consistently. reason being, they will have good, smart QB's to execute the strategy. imo, the problem right now is we don't have troy to provide that extra dimension to the D. i do think he makes that much of a difference.

however, we're 2-0 if the offense performs the way it should. last week was a conglomeration of mistakes. missed field goals, dropped balls, missed open receivers, questionable cuts by RB's.

actually, one of the bright spots was our OL. how about that?

these guys are pros, tomlin is a great coach, lebeau is a great coach, ariens is not (2 out of 3 ain't bad), and we will put together a solid game against cincy.

if one of our worst games is a 3 point loss at the end, then we should be fine.

Slab said...

1-1 after 2 games. Tennessee and Chicago not pushovers. Steelers only one win ever in Chicago- let's not over analyse 2 games worth of stats. Remember last year after the philly game- many reported the season was over.

Patrick said...

its also week 3,

by week 8, we'll all have different opinions

Last year after the Eagles game, (another early and wacky game on the road) and we all had similar thoughts.

the season turned out ok, IMHO

noel said...

I think week 3 is an important week. Not because of the opponent or must-win or anything but it's the point in the season where the units really start to come together. It always takes the o-line a few games to get in sync, especially in the running game. One of the things champion teams do well is adapt and I know this team can do it. I feel very good about the team's chances right now. The only big fear for me right now is Ben getting himself injured on some freak play while scrambling. We can handle the loss of Polamalu or anyone else better than if Roethlisberger goes down for the season.

Anonymous said...

Not sure if anyone really thought we would go 16-0. It's a loss and we all thought there would be a few of them. I rather have the (W) down the stretch of the season. If we head into the bye 6-1 or 5-2 I think all wounds will be healed.

Anonymous said...

our biggest problems are Arians and Zierlin (both Cleveland castoff losers) next biggest problem is Ty Carter being on the field ever, he sucks

Ty Carter's brother said...

It's easy to bash Carter, but who do you think we should put in there? It isn't like any team has backup safeties out there.

Patrick said...

as if we needed proof that TC isn't the brightest bulb. On being fined for the Olsen hit:

"They said I lead with the crown of my helmet. I watched the play over and over again [on tape} and I hit him in the shoulder, I didn't hit him in the head. So I don't know. Ask the league. Of course, I'm going to appeal. I'm not going to let them just take my money just for nothing.

"He was a big-target receiver, he's like 6-6 or something like that. Here I am 5-9. How am I going to hit a guy 6-6 in the head? And I got hurt on the play. It's crazy. But that's what they said and that's what they fined me for, but I can't let that stop me how I play the game."

I'm not expressing any opinion on whether the fine was just. But no one said it was a matter of WHERE he hit Olsen, but just that he LEAD with his helmet.

Most importantly though, not only is TC starting, he's not even a 100%.


I don't understand it really. If he is the best option than we are screwed if Polamula and/or Clark are hurt again this year.

Anonymous said...

shoulda kept Roy Lewis

Anonymous said...

by week 8, we'll all have different opinions

Last year after the Eagles game, (another early and wacky game on the road) and we all had similar thoughts.

the season turned out ok, IMHO

Very true! Plus we lost to an NFC team so it won't hurt too bad when it comes time for playoff standings etc. I'd like to see us be able to get more points on the board though and hope it happens this week!
Oh, and of course I wouldn't mind the Ravens losing a few games!

Dale Lolley said...

TC isn't the brightest bulb.
He was limited in practice today, so you might see more of Ryan Mundy back there Sunday.
Then again, it could be somebody else - hint, hint. Though, I'd guess Mundy. Cinci doesn't have a tight end to challenge the Steelers down the middle of the field.

Patrick said...

woohoooo its Raitliff!

I'm not putting words in your mouth Dale but thats my best guess and hope.

Anonymous said...

good guess Patricia

u go girl

Patrick said...

look my secretary made himself known.

hows it going? Still riding me huh?I wouldn't expect anything different.

How's everything going? Still being a clown?

steve said...

cat fight!!!!

Viz-Burgh said...

I'm not worried about Cincy's TEs, I'm worried about Ochocinco or Chris Henry getting behind the CB (especially when they're playing zone) and turning the responsibility of coverage over to a guy like TC or Mundy. Neither one can handle it at this point.

Anonymous said...

I'am worried about Cincinnati we have "weapons" and they have a football players... Dave Las Vegas.