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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Steelers-Titans inactives

Nate Washington is active tonight for the Titans.

Inactive for the Steelers are Joe Burnett, Keiwan Ratliff, Kraig Urbik, Tony Hills, Shaun McDonald, Nick Eason and Lawrence Timmons.

Interesting thing is that Ramon Foster is your backup RT. Essex the backup LT.


Anonymous said...

glad Hills isn't dressed

he sucks

Anonymous said...

Defense looks old and slow.

Offensive line looks terrible run-blocking, ok pass-blocking, but Ben refuses to throw the ball in under 10 seconds.

Congrats to Ravens on winning the AFC N.

Anonymous said...

ignore the above poster. Probably just another spoiled 12 year old

or a mentally challenged ravens fan

Tim said...

Any word on Polamalu?

Anonymous said...

The Madden Curse didn't waste any time. At least Troy should be back for the second half of the season.

Larry Fitz had better watch his back.

Anonymous said...

They need three or four good o-linemen. no running backs are going anywhare with this group...and lets not get started on the play calling from bruce a. He sucks!!! Dave Las Vegas.

Anonymous said...

I thought i heard that it was a knee injury. It seemed that he was walking up those stairs fine so I'm guessing it was just precautionary that he was taking out (at least i hope). I thought it would have been a groin injury judging by that split he did though. Either ways praying for a quick return.