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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Parker will play

Though he couldn't name a specific game, Willie Parker today said this isn't the first time he's had turf toe and he doesn't expect it to keep him from playing Sunday against San Diego.

That could be good news against a San Diego run defense that's been awful thus far and will be playing without nose tackle Jamal Williams.

Then again, the Steelers don't have the running game of Oakland, Baltimore or Miami, San Diego's first three opponents.

© Limas Sweed didn't have anything to say to reporters, today, waiving off interview requests.

© Matt Spaeth was a surprising non-scratch at practice. I'm not sure if that's good or bad.

© Interesting to note that the Chargers run the ball worse than the Steelers. San Diego's averaging 2.8 yards per carry and has a long run of 13 yards.


Adam said...

Is Sweed going to play this week?
How about Mendenhall (assuming he passes the test)?

rocket9 said...

I think Tomlin hinted very strongly that McDonald was getting a start.

I hope Mendy satisfies the coaching staff this week and buckles down. We need him, especially if FWP is limited with the injury.

Might be seeing a lot of Mwelde Moore as well. He's a versatile guy who saved our bacon last year in the run and third down game.

Dale Lolley said...

Too early to tell who's going to be up and who's going to be down. In fact, we won't know until Sunday unless Tomlin says it. They don't even tell the players until Saturday night.

adamg said...

Dale, are the coaches giving any thought to giving Logan a few carries out of the backfield, other than on the "scout team" that is?

Robert said...

The chargers are missing at least one starter on the oline, maybe two.

datruth4life said...


DE R. Harris was just released by the Panthers this morning. Any chance he makes it back to Pittsburgh?

marc said...

i wonder why he was released?

Patrick said...

I think Harris and Redman are the missing ingredients to back to back superbowls.

All sarcasm aside, Dale Dale Dale, how in the world do the Steelers defend against Gates this weekend?

Pat's incredible, game winning, thought of the week: Let Timmons stick to him like glue. We all know how the Ty Carter match up will go.

And is this as close to a week 4 must win game as you can remember? The fact that Cleveland and Detroit are behind this game lessens it somehwat, but lose this week and I think you can get the fork out of the drawer.

The only one close I can think of is the Air Tommy year when they started out 0-2.

marc said...

imho, this is a scary game for the steelers. consider in the first 3 games this year their passing defense:

62.7% completion percentage
212 yards per game
9.6 yards per catch

compare that to 2008:

56.5% completion percentage
156 yards per game
8.3 yards per catch

then consider SD's ability to create mismatches with their TE and big WR's. SD might not even try to run the ball.

not to mention SD's first 3 games:

59% completion percentage
315 yards per game
14.1 yards per catch

with 436 yards coming against a tough defense in baltimore.

Robert said...

Gates may hurt us but he can't win the game for the chargers. We need to keep Vincent Jackson from making a big play while our offense makes a few of its own, not that I would be on our offense.

Robert said...

You can't just look at passing percentage, yards per attempt is very important as well.

Our defense has given up




Those are all very winnable games. If your offense can't score more than 17pts you don't deserve to win alot of games.

kelly said...

Troy wanting to play Sunday????

marc said...

you're right, you can't just look at passing % or any single statistic. yes, points are the ultimate indicator. but, the numbers do indicate teams are successfully passing on our defense and the team we play this week has the best passing offense we've seen so far. it's not a good combination.

Joey Porter’s Pit Bulls said...

"Troy wanting to play on Sunday?"

Me, too.

Anonymous said...

Dale, I saw that Sonny Harris was released today. Any chance the Steelers try to add him to their practice squad?

Skinley said...


Wexell reported Glass Willie sat out again today. Are you still confident he plays Sunday? If not, how do you see the carries being divided up between 34 and M. Moore?

Joey Porter’s Pit Bulls said...

Sign Sonny Harris!

Anonymous said...

Sign Sonny and cut Tyrone Carter

Adam said...

I believe the players plus the coaches all realize how important this game is. The fact is that this team truly has looked very good at times in each of the first 3 games. They just need to play more consistent and for 4 quarters!!! Steelers bounce back and start a major run to the playoffs and beyond!!

Lets go STEELERS!!!

Dale Lolley said...

Tomorrow is the big day for Willie. He's a vet, so Wednesday and Thursday aren't must haves. If he practices Friday, he'll be a go.

As for Polamalu, he can want to play all he wants, but he hasn't practiced in weeks. A little running is a good sign, but it's not practice.

I would look for Timmons on Gates a good bit.

As for Sonny Harris, who knows, he could be back.

Anonymous said...

They like to split Gates out a lot. Not sure how that would work with Timmons voiding his duties in the middle. Is Mundy capable of man coverage on Gates if they decide to go with a 3 safety (heavy) nickel?

Since SDs running game is struggling and is more a product of speed than power, seems a heavy nickel would be the way to go. Rotating Keisel, Hampton, and Smith between the two interior spots keeping them fresher.

Anonymous said...

If FWP has turf toe, given his previous injuries going into the year, he is basically thru for the year. Time to let it go, Dale.

Its ironic, same situation as LT in SD.

This should have been addressed in the off season. This team was changing its game plan and held on to a piece it didn't need and was already heading south.

What frosts my butt is we needed to keep McFadden - we groomed this guy, we fit him into our system, and he was young, and we let him get away. Should have cut Parker and used the $$$ to sign McF.

Anonymous said...

Mcfadden has been awful here in AZ. really bad.

Anonymous said...

that tells you alot about AZ.