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Friday, September 25, 2009

Look for Steelers to rebound

I took some grief for picking the Bears to beat the Steelers last week - as if me picking Chicago somehow affected the outcome of the game.

But I saw a Pittsburgh team that was going to take some time to adjust to playing without Troy Polamalu. That turned out to be the case, as replacement Tyrone Carter was targeted numerous times by the Bears.

But Chicago is a team with a good tight end in Greg Olsen. This week's opponent, Cincinnati, is not quite so blessed.

Carson Palmer is a good quarterback, but he's been turning the ball over early this year and it doesn't look like his arm is what it once was before he injured his elbow last season.

And while Cedric Benson has been running hard, nobody runs consistently against the Steelers.

Take the Steelers to win this week, 27-17.


Anonymous said...

I appreciate your realism Dale. No one should give you grief over picking a loss.

If the steelers score 27 points, it will only be due to a defensive or special teams TD. I just don't see the offense all of a sudden catching fire. Bengals D has improved.

Dale Lolley said...

I think the Steelers offense will be fine. They'll get it together this week.

Anonymous said...

Tyrone Carter sucks

that is all

marc said...

if you were the bengals, how would you attack our defense?

SKINLEY said...

I would throw short passes the entire way up the field using 3 and 4 wide receivers.

Patrick said...

I honestly think the Steelers can win this game on the ground, even though it sounds absurd.

Cinci's has a growing D. The strength of it is in their corners though. I also think they are susceptible to being beat up and out hit. Our line, Parker and Mendenhall are all way over due to punish a D.

I think this is the game to do it and keep the D off the field. That takes Ty Carter, or whoever plays for out of danger, and allows everyone else to go full throttle after Palmer.

I disagree with Dale about their lack of a TE having that much of an effect. They have a much more dangerous weapon in Henry (assuming he doesn't get locked up between now and Sunday).

This is easily the best 3 Wr's we have faced yet, Ocho, Coles and Henry. Whoever plays in place of Polumalu needs to have better results than last week or there will be a lot of yardage for Palmer.

The run game should compliment that. I also think, besides a run game, that setting up screens early, over Odom's head, will get to him and possibly slow him down.

Steelers 24-13.

(blowing you kisses Anonymous)

Robbie said...

I think the problems at safety might have less to do with how great Troy is than with how bad Carter is. I thought that guy was past his expiration date two years ago when he got burned by JAX in the playoffs. Great hitter, he just can't cover. Short and slow is a deadly combination in this league. Time to let someone else play.

BoJangles said...

Dale, you are an insider. Its a must that you keep it real on all fronts. I appreciated that Chicago pick for the simple fact that I also thought we would lose that game. What Greenbay did to Chicago opening week was just as bad for us the next week as it was for Chicago the previous one. The Bears came back w/ a lot of quick drops that they DID NOT utilize in week 1. I believe we will slow Benson and Carson will give us some shots at the ball. Our defensive players HAVE TO take advantage of balls that hit them in the hands. I'm tired of seeing Ike and friends having shots at picks and not making them happen.

Dale Lolley said...

If the Bengals want to try to run Henry and Ochocinco deep on this defense, they can have at it. That also opens the door for Mr. Harrison and Mr. Woodley to hit Carson Palmer. Think they want to take that chance a lot? I don't.

Patrick said...

Reasonable minds differ.

I get your point, but it's not like Henry can't run a slant route or a 5-10 and in.

Having Olsen helped CHI, obviously. But I disagree that we won't have safety problems this week for the simple fact that the Bengals don't have an Olsen type TE. The lack of a quality safety next to Clark will still hurt against any team. Especially true for a team with 3 quality WR's.

Will it be as obvious? Maybe not, but it will be there. Also not so obvious because Lebaeu has to try and hide TC. I wouldn't be surprised if he has him (TC) blitzing early and Timmons or another LB dropping into coverage to cause early confusion.

Robert said...

Hines Ward ALWAYS toasts the Bengals, Ben needs to target him alot this week. Holmes can drop passes next week.

noel said...

The Bengals have their own SS with poor coverage skills. Roy Williams was torched many times last season. We may be able to exploit the opposing D with some 4 WR sets of our own. As much as that's not the style I like to see from a Steelers team we have to play to our strengths and I don't think Cincinnati has the corner depth to handle a wide open passing attack. The two starters are solid but the lack of depth at CB and Williams makes a tempting target. Of course this approach assumes the o-line is up to the task; I think they'll start clicking soon. Last week they looked more cohesive.

Anonymous said...

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