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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Steelers talking with Tomlin

The Steelers are reportedly talking about a contract extension with head coach Mike Tomlin.

That, in itself, is not a surprise. Tomln's contract runs through the 2010 season, so getting him a new deal and avoiding a similar issue to the one that happened with Bill Cowher is something the team should be looking to avoid.

But where do you start with the money?

Cowher is reportedly looking for $10 million per season to get back onto the sideline.

That would obviously be on the high end of the wage scale.

Of current coaches, Tennessee's Jeff Fisher, the league's longest-tenured coach, makes $5.5 million per season. Lovie Smith is getting the same salary to coach the Bears, while Bill Belichick is costing New England $5 million per season.

Tomlin currently makes $2.5 million per season, so it only makes sense that he'll be asking to move into the $5-million club.

Of course the team will likely argue that he hasn't been around as long as those three aforementioned coaches.


Patrick said...


what do you see happening to replace Polamalu?

The easy answer is Ty Carter but that seems dangerous and it looks like Mundy got a lot of time too. But that seemed to be in a 3 safety formation on passing downs.

Does Ratliff, Townsend, or Mundy get a crack at it? I personally think Ratliff might be an upgrade over Carter.

Ben said...

I can't foresee any problems in resigning Coach Tomlin. He likes it here, he is successful and well-liked by the FO, players and Pittsburgh community. They'll pay him, but wont overpay him, and he wont expect to be overpaid. Both sides have it too good to mess this deal up.

Anonymous said...

I thought you meant they were talking with Tomlin to see why he hasn't fired Arians yet.

Anonymous said...

Certainly deserves more than the Redskins assistants.

Anonymous said...

How much longer do we have to put up with Bruce Arians?? He sucks!!! Dave Las Vegas. GO STEELERS!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't think the play calling was bad. In fact if Ben hadn't underthrown Wallace he would have broken the game open. Same goes for several of the run plays. It was the poor execution of the offensive line that caused the game to be so close.

Arians adjusted to a no huddle offense with plays that he designed just for this game, because he knew Nate Washington gave up his plays to his new team. The change worked extremely well and even the offensive line looked good.

I'm all for calling out a coach for bad play calling but I don't think Arians deserves it for this game.

Dale Lolley said...

I think they'll use a combination of Carter and Ratliff or Townsend to replace Polamalu. Remember, Ryan Clark can play strong or free as well.
They'll get creative so that teams can't pick on Carter and Carter alone.

Anonymous said...

Lovie Smith & Jeff Fisher have not won Super Bowls, Tomlin has.

The fact that both Fisher & Smith make more than Belichik is crazy. Ego jaw wanting 10 million is just plain arrogant. No other team will wait 14 years for him to win a Super Bowl.

If the Steelers don't pay Tomlin 30other teams (except the Patriots) will. He is the most successful young coach in the league .....lock him up.

Anonymous said...

Time out calling for B.A.'s head. It's the first game of a very long season. Everyone is still rusty along with the play calling. A catch here and 86 hanging on the ball and a block from a "Rookie" F.B. and this isn't the same game. I rather us get in our groove later in the season. This "W" beats the heck out of the Titans "L".

Anonymous said...

P.S. Pay Tomlin his 6.2 Mil a year for the next five years and let's get on with it.

Anonymous said...

How much crap is Tomlin giving Farrior this week after W&M stomped a mudhole in UVA?

Thomas said...

I do not like Arians...I think a lot of time his play calling is predictable. My question to Dale is with the OL. It seemed like they missed a lot of assignments (blitz pickups and whatnot). Esp. the sack given up in the second half. Is that a problem with the OL or is that a problem with the OL coach not teaching them who to pick up? Or is the OL coach putting too much on the OL?

Robbie said...

Holy crap, I was just watching TV and saw a new interview with Troy Polamalu. That means he's still alive! With the way people have been mourning him since Thursday, I was convinced he was dead... or at least on IR.

keevin said...

bump Tomlin up to 4-4.5 million

I don't see how he should be making as much as Belichek or Fisher who have been coaching for a long long time

it's not like our owners have tons of money to throw around

Anonymous said...

When Cowher entered the NFL as head coach. Didn't he make around 600K. How times have changed.
Saying not to pay Tomlin as much as Belicheck or Fisher is like saying not to pay Ben as much as P. Manning. Because Ben hasn't been in the NFL as long. Tomlin's contract is from this point on. It's called fair market value. And if we don't pay him. Another team will.

Anonymous said...

Zeke - Another team can't pay him, he is under contract

Anonymous said...

I was speaking as of 2010.. Sorry for the confusion. If we don't pay him now.. another team will pay him later..