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Saturday, October 02, 2010

Dixon to IR

In a move that wasn't too surprising, Dennis Dixon was placed on injured reserve Saturday to make room for defensive tackle Steve McLendon.

The Steelers needed McLendon on the 53-man roster because backup nose tackle Chris Hoke won't play Sunday against the Baltimore Ravens.

Dixon suffered a torn meniscus two weeks ago that required surgery to repair. He was likely to miss another three to four weeks.


adamg said...

I think the NFL needs a long term and short term IR. Maybe one for 16 games and one for 8 games. The current system really is unfair to players who don't have season-ending injuries.

Anonymous said...

Isn't this a little risky? They're rolling the dice that neither Batch nor Leftwich will get hurt tomorrow, and that McLendon won't get claimed off waivers when they cut him on Monday.

Dale Lolley said...

It's not really a roll of the dice.
A. Roethlisberger is back Monday. He's the unquestioned starter. A lot of teams only carry two QBs.

B. McLendon has been sitting on their practice squad all season and nobody has signed him. Not to mention, he's their 54th or 55th guy.

Steve-O said...

Charlie Batch dealt with being treated like a preseason afterthought with class and dignity. Good things happen to good people and he's earned his spot on the roster for another year. It would've been a real pity if they had cut him after Ben came back. Not that I wished this string of bad luck on Dixon but it sure makes the decision of what to do when Ben came back much easier.

Anonymous said...

"Batch nor Leftwich will get hurt tomorrow"

if both got hurt dixon would still not play. His injurt was expected to keep him out a few more weeks still

Anonymous said...

ARE is today's 3rd string QB. I think the idea is that if both Batch and Leftwich get hurt, there would be no regulare back up QB beyond this game and another would have to be signed.