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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Harrison-Tomlin meet

I've just been informed that Mike Tomlin met with James Harrison this morning and that the two had a "very productive" meeting.

Tomlin then excused Harrison from practice today.

Harrison, of course, has gone on numerous sports talk shows and expressed his frustration at the $75,000 fine levied against him for a hit on Cleveland's Mohamed Massaquoi last Sunday.

He's even gone as far as saying he's contemplating retirement if he feels he's unable to play under the current rules - which he has 20 million guaranteed reasons not to do.

Tomlin is likely allowing Harrison - who sometimes does not practice on Wednesdays anyway - a little cooling off period.

© On a side note, the play on which Josh Cribbs suffered a head injury has now been changed to a sack, with Harrison and LaMarr Woodley each getting credit for a half-sack.

Cribbs originally dropped back to pass before scrambling out of the pocket.


datruth4life said...


I can understand Harrison's frustration over what I thought was a legal hit. $75,000 is nothing to sneeze at. Deebo plays all out every play so you hope that this won't change the way he plays. Plus, giving him a Wednesday off to cool off is a good coaching move since most vets have Wednesday off from practicing anyhow. Another way for Thad Gibson and Jason Worilds to get a few more reps in.

Dale, don't you think the OL deserve a little love so far? During the past 3 games, they've only given up 2 sacks and had games against the Browns and Bucs where they didn't give up any sacks. True, Big Ben got hit a few times, but the Browns were bringing the house almost every pass play. I believe that Pouncey, Legursky and Flozell has definitely transformed this unit into a physical, tough OL that can move the line of scrimmage and better protect the QB. Kugler is a miracle worker, in my opinion. Here's to hoping our scouting department will give him more diamonds in the rough to work with such as Pouncey so that this line can become dominant. With our scouts and college scouting system, that is a distinct possiblity.

Ron in Michigan said...

I truly hope that Harrison comments regarding retirement are just a heat of the moment thing. He truly is a pleasure to watch playing the game of football.

All too often, decision's made by the NFL operator's and owner's alike, are made for financial reason's. And the current situation is no different. I'm sure their factoring in the proposed 18 (and eventually 20) game schedule that is sure to be implemented. Couple that with potential increases in ownership contribution to the player's pension's, as well as, upcoming labor talks and one could easily make an argument that they (the commissioner's office therefor by fiat, the owner's) are positioning themselves for the next contract.

marc said...

i wouldn't call pouncey a diamond in the rough as a 1st round draft pick. additionally, there should have been at least 2 sacks against the browns but they just couldn't bring #7 down. they are much improved, but i don't think they are as good as you're saying.

regarding harrison, i hope he retires. i hope urlacher gets suspended for breaking up a pass over the middle with his helmet in the middle of the receiver's chest. i hope star DB's get flagged, ejected, fined and suspended for pounding defenseless receivers who are "in the act of catching the ball" and "are not given the opportunity to protect themselves" after making the catch.

i hope all this happens becuase the NFL is amazingly close to sticking its fist up its own a$$ and ruining the game we love to watch.

Dale Lolley said...

The offensive line has played well. Ben's going to take some hits/sacks because he holds the ball until the last minute trying to make a play. That's been documented. But they have been very physical and have been able to convert on third-and-short again and again.

RP said...

I really hope that Harrison doesn't retire over this. If he does, the fans lose. Seems the only real men left will be hockey players.

adamg said...

Who can blame Deebo for being angry? He gets held every single play, being clotheslined in the process, and rarely gets a call go his way.

Anonymous said...

The little bit I have read so far has all dealt with the defense helmet hits.
Has there been anything said about the receivers being penalized for dropping there head after the catch or should we just anticipate that every catch over the middle will now have 15 yards tack onto the end?

marc said...

this is a realistic possibility:

Game announcer: Harrison looks like he's gonna blitz off the edge but drops back to the flat at the snap. Flacco doesn't see him and tosses a swing pass to Rice. It's low and Rice has to go down to get it but Harrison comes in low and takes out his legs. Oh no, it looks like Rice is done for the year with a knee injury.

Post Game Quote by Harrison: I didn't try to injure him, he's just a short guy, like me, and he went down for the ball so I had to go lower to not hit him up high. I did my job, but now they're calling me dirty.

Anonymous said...

It is interesting because Mike Webster had "punch drunk" dementia and as a center was likely never involved in a "devastating hit" during his career. It is players like wide receivers who are the targets of hits like the ones James Harrison delivers.
Yet it was the repeated hitting over and over at the line that caused Webbys problem. Hence, the NFL should make everyone play flag football in fourty inch foam helmets if they really want to stop all of the brain injuries. There is no evidence that preventing "devestating hits" will prevent most of the brain injuries and even the modern helmets only cut down on a fraction of the impact and don't stop all concussions.
Not playing tackle football is the only safe course. Flag football is still dangerous but much less so.
Goodell has a cash cow on his hands and unfortunately Dr's are finding out that it just happens to kill people prematurely. Boxing does too and so does working in the Mill or being a lumberjack. Every other dangerous profession should be shut down as well, I guess.
Maybe James Harrison can do something safe after football, like become a pastry chef. At least then he could make some cream puffs for Goodell. After he delivered them with a "devestating hit" to the groin. Fortunately for Isaac Redman, his head is made of Kryptonite so he is impervious to concussions.

Mrs. Isaac Redman

Dale Lolley said...

There's always been a double standard when it comes to offensive players. Think about the times you've seen offensive players grab a defensive player's facemask - including Hines Ward.
It rarely gets called, but it is supposed to be a penalty. Can't grasp the facemask, even on a stiff-arm.
Offensive players lower their heads all the time and initiate contact.
Peyton Hills did it to Polamalu Sunday and Polamalu got dinged.

Patrick said...

Adrian Peterson could have a whole highlight reel of him using his helmet into defenders.

My prediction is you are going to start seeing some really awkward hits. The NFL is basically saying go lower and at the speeds these guys go, that is going to lead to some "devastating" injuries rather than hits and then what?

I hope James Harrison doesn't lose his balls over this. I understand why hes upset, but hes just not the type of player that can constantly worry about how he hits someone or he won't be the same.

Anonymous said...

You are right there is a double standard. However, if the NFL really cared about the safety of the players, then why are they saying it's okay to hit a runner in the head? Spearing has been illegal for a long time and I'm sure in every game every Sunday you can find at least one example of a RB being speared, yet it's not called. I honestly can not remember the last time I saw a flag thrown for spearing or a player being fined for spearing.

Kevin said...

Re: the Cribbs play that is now a if Harrison didnt hit him, Cribbs would have leaned forward to gain a yard it would not have been ruled a sack. Sacks is how OLB's make the probowl. It's a game of inches, you dont allow Cribbs to get that extra yard there

Maybe teams shouldnt run the wildcat and expose skilled receivers to taking big hits. You dont see the QB option in the NFL do you?

marc said...

let's start talking about the game.

i think this will be tougher than some may think. miami's o-line is capable of handling harrison and woodley and giving henne time to pass. marshall is a beast and i don't think anyone in our secondary can shut him down. if henne doesn't blow it, i think they can score on our defense.