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Friday, October 01, 2010

Who I like, Baltimore-Pittsburgh

There's been no smack talk this week - at least publicly - because the Steelers and Ravens know how much is at stake this week.

A win by the Steelers would put them in excellent position and put the Ravens behind the eight ball at 2-2 - and more importantly, 1-2 in the AFC North.

Because of that, the Ravens need this game more than the Steelers, which is usually a big factor for me when picking games.

But, the intensity of the rivalry cancels that out. Neither of these teams takes a game against the other for granted. There will be plenty of emotion to go around.

The Steelers have a way of making Joe Flacco look like some guy the Ravens just brought in off the street. But, Ray Rice's quickness and elusiveness also causes problems for the Pittsburgh defense.

That said, the Steelers are 4-0 under Mike Tomlin against the Ravens in Pittsburgh.

And this Baltimore defense can be run on - not because of its front seven, but because its secondary doesn't play the run very well.

Rashard Mendenhall has been getting into the secondary this season.

Take Pittsburgh, 16-13


Alex K said...

As much as I would like to agree I can't pick a team without its starting QB over a (decent but not great) Ravens team that has their starting QB. The Ravens will shut down the run and harass Batch while making a enough plays to score 17 or so points and win this game.

That said, I don't think you are nuts for picking the Ravens, this really is a close one to call. Which speaks volumes about how good the Steeler have been so far and how bad the Ravens have looked at times.

The Show said...

Rice hasn't done squat against the Steelers when healthy, and now he's nicked up. I think Baltimore shows us a heavy dose of McClain and puts it in the air early and often. It's going to be up to the secondary to win this one.

Darren said...

If the Browns could run the the Ravens with a passing "threat" like Seneca Wallace under center, the new Steelers line should be able to open holes which will force some stacked boxes and Wallace and Ward can beat one on one coverage with a weak Ravens secondary.

The Ravens offense isn't going to do much.

I'm calling it Steelers 24 - Ravens 13

steelguy said...

Ray rice hasn't done squat? In the two games last year:

11/29: 19 for 88 yds on the ground (4.63 YPC), 5 catches 67 yds (13.4 YPC)
12/27: 30 for 141 yds (4.7 YPC), 1 catch 1 yd

So, um yeah, be happy he's injured.

Anonymous said...

Future Flacco simile: "the Steelers make him look like a Division II quarterback"

dan snyder said...

if you had bothered to read what the Show said steelguy, you would have read the Show said WHEN THE STEELERS WERE HEALTHY. Last season, the Steelers played without Aaron Smith and Troy Polomalu for both games, and ended up winning one and going to overtime with backup qb Dixon in Baltimore. But somehow "steelguy" sounds like a "Ravenguy" to me.

Dale Lolley said...

Actually, I think if you read what The Show said, "Rice hasn't done squat against the Steelers when healthy, and now he's nicked up."

That tells me he thinks Rice hasn't done much against the Steelers, which is wrong.

Steve-O said...

Looks like Dixon was placed on IR. Tough season for this kid. Lots of ups and downs but he was a gamer.