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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Game-Day thread

It's a beautiful day here in Miami, though there was a quick shower here at the field that lasted about five minutes. (Note: It is now flat-out pouring here).

The field looks to be in good shape.

© I ran into Gene Steratore at the hotel last night. The Washington resident and his crew will be working the game today.

© Trai Essex is inactive for the Steelers. That means Legursky gets the start.

Nick Eason will get the start in place of Brett Keisel.

Antonio Brown is also inactive.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a little too much South Beach for the Steelers last night.

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to keep my cool, but the end of the first half has me absolutely furious.

Chris said...

any news on aaron smith?

Patrick said...

one of the ugliest wins I can remember.

Doug Legursky essentially won the game diving into that pile. If not, its pretty clear that it was Miami's ball.

Pathetic mistakes by the Steelers today.

adamg said...

Smith has a torn triceps muscle in his left arm.

marc said...

any word on woodley and adams. hate to lose those two for extended time as well.

Anonymous said...

I heard woodley was gonna play next week. Forgive me, don't remember where I read it, but Im pretty sure he said himself he'll be fine. Im waiting for news on adams more than anything

Steve-O said...

I love aaron smith but age is catching up to the guy from an injury standpoint. he still has the motor but this body can't seem to take the trauma. I love the guy, I hate to see this happening but it eventually happens to all of them.

Dave said... was ugly, but the next ugliest win I rememeber was also against Miami. The 3-0 punt sticking in the mud game.