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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Woodley, Adams return

The Steelers got some good news Thursday when LaMarr Woodley and Flozell Adams both returned to practice.

It would appear both will be ready to play Sunday at New Orleans.

© Brett Keisel (hamstring) is still out - though he could return Friday.

Also missing practice was center Maurkice Pouncey, who was out with an illness. That's perhaps a more troubling issue, especially if he's still sick on Friday.

Rookies need as much preparation as possible, particularly heading into what will be a loud, raucious environment in New Orleans.

© Apparently, the league thought so highly of the new, kinder, more gentle James Harrison that it is now giving him gifts.

Harrison was awarded an interception in an official scoring change on Miami's final offensive play last Sunday.

Maybe I was seeing things, but the ball appeared to hit the ground.

It doesn't matter in the context of the game - Miami turned the ball over on downs on the play.

But it could in terms of contract bonuses and such.

The Dolphins, by the way, have already appealed the scoring change.


adamg said...

Dale, do you still see the Steelers releasing a player to add McClendon off the PS or will they try and get by with just 4 DL since Keisel is yet to practice this week?

Anonymous said...

LOL. I can already hear the Dolphins whining now. What a bunch of pussays

keevin said...

Dale - the Saints have no running game and figure to try and spread the Steelers D out and pass a lot. Will we see a DB get some significant playing time other than the starters and Gay (they will likely target Gay cuz he cant cover or tackle)?

Anonymous said...

Dale could you update on Pouncey? Did he practice today? Will he play? Thanks

Dale Lolley said...

Pouncey will be fine. Gay has actually been pretty good this season. But he'll have his hands full with Lance Moore, who gives everybody a tough time.