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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sanders admits the push has helped

I spoke to Emmanuel Sanders today and he admitted that Mike Tomlin making him compete for a spot on the active roster each week has been good for him.

Sanders, by the way, was named the AFC's special teams player of the week for his effort against Miami.

© Brett Keisel, Aaron Smith (obviously), LaMarr Woodley and Flozell Adams did not practice Wednesday.

Keisel, Woodley and Adams will try to go Thursday or Friday.

© The big question this week is whether the Saints will even try to run the ball against the Steelers.

With New Orleans' weapons, they have the ability to spread the Steelers out and pass on every play.

That becomes even more likely if Reggie Bush can come back this week - though he didn't practice Wednesday.

If Woodley can't play, that takes away one of the deterrents for that strategy as well - though I expect Woodley to play.

© Word out of Cleveland is that Mohamed Massaquoi harbors no ill will toward James Harrison and isn't holding a grudge.

I'm sure Harrison will sleep better at night knowing that.


Dan said...
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Anonymous said...

I hate when a Kevin Faulk or whoever gains 73 yards on 6 carries out of the shotgun against us. Other than that, NO can't run on us but they can throw against us. Both their starting corners are banged up. High scoring?

MJ said...

Maybe Massoquoi's agent will sleep better. He was the one badgering Harrison all week after the hit.

Anonymous said...

Yep, im expecting a bit of a shootout. A 30-27 game

haven't picked a winner yet, but I do know it'll be yet another nail bitter

Steve-O said...

It's good to hear Sanders accepted Tomlin's challenge and did the things necessary to make it to the active roster. I've got to hand it to the front office, they did a great job in this years draft. The future looks bright and 2 more good drafts like this and we'll be in the mix for another decade.

Anonymous said...

Gay is gonna get lit up. he sucks

Anonymous said...

I always loved those posters who criticized Tomlin for "playing head games" with the players. Like they shouldn't have to earn there position.
Competition keeps them focused and sharp. Tomlin is a smart coach.

Anonymous said...

^ cool story bro

it works with rookies more than vets maroon