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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Day three targets

Here are some players the Steelers could be targeting in rounds 4-7 on the final day of the draft:

Anthony Gray, Southern Miss.
Zach Taylor, Auburn

Sam Acho, Texas
Mario Harvey, Marshall

Julius Thomas, Portland State

Keith Williams, Nebraska
Jason Pinkston, Pitt

Darryl Skrine, Tenn-Chattanooga
Rashad Carmichael, Virginia Tech
Chimdi Chekwa, Ohio State
Cortez Allen, The Citadel

Denarius Moore, Tennessee
Edmund Gates, Abilene Christian

Taiwan Jones, E. Washington
Noel Devine, West Virginia
Da'Rel Scott, Maryland

Alex Henery, Nebraska


Ben said...

Throw Terrance Toliver on the WR pile as well. He's the big WR we're missing.

Dale Lolley said...

They seem to be looking for more of a slot-type guy.

adamg said...

Dale, do you think the Steelers have any interest in bringing in Tommy Campbell as a UDFA? He's had a rocky college road since graduating from Aliquippa and quitting Pitt, but he's got the size, speed and overall athleticism to play CB.

Dale Lolley said...

Tommy Campbell didn't quit Pitt. He was shown the door. That's not happening.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if butting heads with Wannstache should be something that should be held against a player.

adamg said...

Still, Campbell is a talented athlete and maybe he's grown up since he left Pitt. He seemed to do okay after landing at CalU. Just seems he'd be worth a look with very little risk as a UDFA.

Anonymous said...

No UDFA can be signed until CBA is worked out. UFL has its draft on Monday. Could make things fun to watch in a few weeks.

Anonymous said...

Still some good UDFAs out there, for whenever free agency starts. Rooney should pay above the minimum to get some of these guys in here.

Ian Williams
Mario Harvey
Zach Hurd
Anthony Gray
Davon Morgan
Mario Fannin
Derrick Locke
Henry Hynoski
Jarriel King
Tyler Beiler
Dwight Dasher

Ben said...

Don't we have enough slot type guys at WR? Weird.