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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Final mock - Harris is the man

1. Carolina, Cam Newton, QB, Auburn - The Panthers pass on Marcell Dareus to take a possible franchise QB.

2. Denver, Marcell Dareus, DT, Alabama - Denver’s run defense was atrocious in 2010.

3. Buffalo, Von Miller, OLB, Texas A&M – The Bills could take QB Blaine Gabbert, but Miller is a much safer pick.

4. Cincinnati, A.J. Green, WR, Georgia – The Bengals are also a possibility for Gabbert, but hope the pick of Green can entice Carson Palmer to stick around.

5. Arizona, Blaine Gabbert, QB, Missouri – The Cards are pretty good at every position except QB. As can be seen from where they are drafting, that position is pretty important.

6. Cleveland, Robert Quinn, DE, North Carolina – The Browns are shifting to a 4-3 and need edge pass rushers.

7. San Francisco, Patrick Peterson, CB, LSU – Houston may be willing to move up for Peterson, but San Francisco may not be able to pass him up.

8. Tennessee, Nick Fairley, DT, Auburn – The Titans’ defense wasn’t the same in 2010 without a motivated Albert Haynesworth in the middle.

9. Dallas, Tyron Smith, OT, USC – The Cowboys haven’t selected an offensive lineman in the first round since Jerry Jones has been running the show. Time for that to change.

10. Washington, Julio Jones, WR, Alabama – Jones is too good to pass up here. The Rams may be on the phone talking trade if he gets this close.

11. Houston, Aldon Smith, LB, Missouri – A premiere pass rusher for the Texans, who need to improve the defense to take the next step.

12. Minnesota, Jake Locker, QB, Washington – Had he come out in 2010, Locker may have been the first QB picked. He’s got plenty of risk, but the Vikings need help at the position.

13. Detroit, Prince Amukamara, CB, Nebraska – The Lions continue to improve their defense.

14. St. Louis, Corey Liuget, DT. Illinois – The Rams would have preferred a receiver, but settle for help on their defensive front.

15. Miami, Ryan Mallett, QB, Arkansas – Chad Henne, Tyler Thigpen and Chad Pennington aren’t getting it done.

16. Jacksvonille, Ryan Kerrigan, DE, Purdue – The Jags have seemingly been in search of pass rushing help forever.

17. New England, J.J. Watt, DE, Wisconsin – Watt is the perfect fit for a 3-4 defense.

18. San Diego, Cameron Jordan, DE, California – Another solid 3-4 defensive end.

19. N.Y. Giants, Mike Pouncey, G, Florida – The Steelers were hoping Pouncey would slip to 20, where they may have been able to work a deal with Tampa Bay.

20. Tampa Bay, Da’Quan Bowers, DE, Clemson – Bowers falls because of a knee problem.

21. Kansas City, Gabe Carimi, OT, Wisconsin – The Chiefs keep building on that running game.

22. Indianapolis, Athony Costanzo, OT, Boston College – The Colts have to try to keep Peyton Manning around as long as possible.

23. Philadelphia, Jimmy Smith, CB, Colorado – The Eagles take a chance on the talented but troubled Smith.

24. New Orleans, Adrian Clayborn, DE, Iowa – A positive test for marijuana at the combine – ouch – but Clayborn can get after it.

25. Seattle, Nate Solder, OT, Colorado – The Hawks would love to move down for a QB, but can play Solder at guard for the time being.

26. Baltimore, Aaron Williams, CB/S, Texas – There’s no receiver worth taking this high and Williams can play CB until Ed Reed calls it quits.

27. Atlanta, Justin Houston, DE, Georgia – Another player who had a positive test at the combine for marijuana but can get after the QB.

28. New England, Akeem Ayers, OLB, UCLA – I expect this pick to be moved to a team wanting a QB. But Belechick can’t continue with Tully Banta Cain on the outside.

29. Chicago, Derek Sherrod, OT, Mississippi State – The Bears’ line was atrocious in 2010.

30. New York Jets, Phil Taylor, DT, Baylor – The Jets need a man in the middle.

31. Steelers, Brandon Harris, CB, Miami (Fla.) – Would have loved for Carimi or Sherrod to fall. But with top offensive line talent gone, the Steelers take the best corner available.

32. Green Bay, Cameron Heyward, DE, Ohio State – Heyward can be dominating at times and is a nice fit for a 3-4 end.


Patrick said...

I will bet any amount of money that Harris is not the pick. He just isn't the type of CB the Steelers go for as a starter.

I'll predict trade down with Ijalana as the pick and best CB left with the original 2nd Rd pick.

datruth4life said...


I bet the Steelers have Dowling rated higher on their board than B. Harris. When is the last time the Steelers have taken a 5'9'' CB that can't tackle in the first round?

I don't remember if you had M. Wilkerson in your mock, but the players I'd take at no. 31 would be LT James Carpenter, Dowling and Cameron Haywood (and Wilkerson if he is still on the board). I really think Carpenter could be a sleeper at no. 31 if they don't trade down. This is a player that played LT at a big time program, played against the best pass rushers in the SEC for the past two years and won a national championship. He can play LT/RT/G and could get on the field next year at RG. NFL Network's Mike Lombardi believes he's the 2nd best LT in the draft, and if that's the case, is 31 really a reach for this guy?

Don't get me wrong, I'm still a Ras-I fan at no. 31, but James Carpenter at no. 31 then a trade up into the 2nd round to nab Dowling would still be a great start to the draft.

Eric T said...

Sorry Dale, but no way they pass on Heyward. Harris is a reach and a bad fit for Steeler's defense. Take Heyward, and he and Hood can be the foundation of the 3-4 for years to come. Grab Curtis Brown or Dowling if/when he falls because of his injury history in the 2nd.

Patrick said...

Wilkerson went from 12 in your other mock to out of the first round in this one?

datruth4life said...


I think the pick would be DT M. Wilkerson. He fits the Steelers recent patterns of no. 1 picks - 20-year-old juniors with lots of ability, talent and room to grow. Tomlin and K. Colbert like'em young and talented, and he fits the bill. In 3 years, this kid is going to be a 3-down monster, particular being coached by John Mitchell and seeing how Aaron Smith, Casey, Ziggy, Keisel gets it done.

This means a definite trade up in the 2nd round to get your CB and then using your 3rd pick on an OL. To move up in the 2nd, you're probably giving up a 4 and maybe a 6. If the Steelers come out of the first 3 rounds with Wilkerson, Dowling and LT/RT M. Gilbert from Florida, then that's a great start.

Dale Lolley said...

I don't like Ijalana at all. Has Jamain Stephens written all over him again.

CB is such a need that it can't be passed over. Two of the team's top three CBs are free agents. And the secondary wasn't that good to begin with. It cannot be overlooked. And, in my opinion, it can't be fixed taking a player - Dowling - who is a China doll.

Patrick said...

Wilkerson won't be there at 31. A lot of teams before the Steelers who would take him. Can't see Baltimore letting him go unless there is a stud that drops.

Vaflyer said...

I have no problem whatsoever...taking a cornerback. Harris to me is a problem. He is NOT a Steeler cornerback and in all honesty I don't think he will be a good cornerback in the league. What I saw at the combine showed the wrong body type from my perspective to be an elite corner in this league.

marc said...

is harris the man because you have baltimore taking williams? or do you think they have harris rated higher anyway?

i think if a guy they really want slips to seattle, they move up and grab him. if not, then they take dowling.

datruth4life said...


What about taking LT James Carpenter from Alabama at no. 31 and then the Steelers trading up in the 2nd round to get the best available CB? Do you think Carpenter would be a reach at no. 31 considering he could start at RG next year and eventually move out to LT?

Pro ready, played LT at a big time school in the best conference in the nation and was the best LT in the Senior Bowl. Wouldn't be as big a risk as Dowling. Thoughts?

Dale Lolley said...

I do think the Steelers have Williams rated higher.
As for Wilkerson, I'm hearing that many teams don't have him rated as highly as some draftnicks. The film isn't as good as the workouts.

Patrick said...

I'm going to preface this comment with the following: I think there will be a draft next year and this whole lockout mess will be behind us.

That said, what are picks in next year's draft worth? There might not be a draft so that uncertainty, however small it might be, has to lessen the value of picks next year.

I wonder if we will see some bizarre deals tomorrow. And it almost makes you wonder if trading away say, next year's second or third round pick is worth it if another team is willing to give you the value you would get in trading that same pick in this year's draft.

Dale Lolley said...

I think the Steelers will continue on the premise that there will be a draft in some shape or form in 2012. It's just how they do business. Other teams may not, but those teams act on impulse, anyway. That's how the Patriots continually stockpile picks, preying on those teams.