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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Three more visitors

The Steelers have hosted, or are prepared to host, four more prospects.

They are Boise State wide receiver Austin Pettis, Alabama A&M nose tackle Frank Kearse, Utah State corner Curtis Marsh and Louisville corner Johnny Patrick.

None are considered first-round prospects.

Pettis is a slot-type receiver who's all over draft boards. I've seen some that have him as the fifth-best receiver in this class. Others that have him much lower.

He had a suspension as a sophomore that has not been explained - at least publicly - by the school. But anybody who saw Boise play this season knows he's a talent.

Kearse is an interesting late-round prospect. He was pretty productive at Alamaba A&M - he even had two interceptions as a sophomore - but lacks the overall athleticism of some of the top interior prospects.

He's an overachiever-type who would fit in well with the Steelers.

Marsh and Patrick are both decent-sized corners - though Marsh is bigger and faster. Both are likely second-round or lower picks.


datruth4life said...


I believe Kearse is from Alabama A&M, not Alabama. Big difference between the SEC and where he played football at. I think the Steelers were the only team to attend his pro day and work him out. Might be wrong on that, though.

Manuel said...

The Steelers are not tipping their hand at all with where they want to go in the first round are they? Looks like Coach Tomlin learned his lesson from the Darrelle Revis draft.

other_patrick said...


15 teams in attendance but our guy worked him out individually (later on??)

datruth4life said...

Dale, with a trade down, here it is:

2. G/T Benjamin Ijalana, Villanova
2. CB Ras-I Dowling, UVa
3. NT Kenrick Ellis, Hampton
4. CB Curtis Marsh, Utah State
4. LT/RT Derek Newton, Arkansas State
5. ILB Ross Homan, OSU
6. DE/DT David Carter, UCLA
7. S/CB Byron Maxwell, Clemson

marc said...

have the steelers ever had a 1st round pick that was the same as kiper's (or mcshay's) mock draft?

Patrick said...

ed bouchette has hit the past 2 picks the day or so before the draft.

Dale Lolley said...

I had Pouncey on Monday before the draft. It appeared on this blog and in the paper.
I've had five of their past eight first-round picks - not to toot my own horn.
I missed Ziggy Hood and Mendenhall, and didn't figure on them being able to trade up high enough to get Polamalu. But I knew he was the guy they wanted.

datruth4life said...


Who is your pick to be no. 31 at this time? I think Ras-I Dowling would be a great pick for this team at no. 31. The dude is a solid football player who was hurt most of his senior year. Other than that, you are not going to find too many 6'2, 200 lbs. CB's running in the 4.3's who love to hit and can cover. This guy is also a leader who loves the game of football. Just looks like a Steelers CB to me and has risen to no. 4 on Mike Mayock's board. I think Ras-I could end up moving to safety later on in his career, offering even more versatility but this guy could help our defense NEXT year. At pick no. 31, I'd take the chance. If I could trade down a few slots and get him in the 2nd round along with an OL like B. Ijialana or M. Cannon, then that's gravy. I saw where the Steelers had him in today for a visit, along with CB Cortez Allen, WR Austin Pettis and RB Da'Rell Scott of Maryland.

Patrick said...

you make a strong case for Ras-I, just seems like a lot of mocks have him going much later and I don't think the Steelers reach much.

If I had to bet today I'd say the pick is Williams, but I wouldn't be confident in it.

Anonymous said...

exactly why I think the steelers should trade some down some spots, probably with a team looking for QB like ponder (Jags come to mind, drafting right in the middle of round 2); get some more picks and an ideal place to draft Dowling or someone else

I've liked dowling for the steelers since forever, but yeah, at 31st doesn't seem right. I hope a trade does happen

Dale Lolley said...

I think 31 is too high for a guy with his injury history. At this point, I'm not hearing much out of the organization. As we get closer to the draft, it will start to narrow down.