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Saturday, April 02, 2011

Two more offensive line prospects visit

The Steelers hosted Alabama offensive linemen James Carpenter and South Carolina's Jarriel King Friday as they continue to bring in a bevy of linemen prior to the draft.

Carpenter is something of a sleeper in this year's draft. At 6-4, 321 pounds, he's likely a RT or guard prospect and is rated as a second-rounder.

King, 6-5, 317, only played half of the 2010 season. He was suspended while being investigated for receiving improper benefits from a hotel. He also missed time with a concussion.

He's more of a third-round prospect, but with the visits of Carpenter and King, coupled with previous visits by Rodney Hudson and Marcus Gilbert, a couple of other second-to-third-round line prospects, you get an idea of what the Steelers are thinking.


other_patrick said...

Thanks for the updates Dale!

Just curious on why you think King is a 3rd round prospect. Is there some buzz or inside scoop on this kid?

Having never heard of him, I looked him up and found the following rankings:

CBS Sports: 308 overall
WalterFootball: 4th-6th
NFLDraftBible: 6th
DraftTek: 312 overall
NFL Combine page: "Late round prospect"

He seems to have goos size but has had a couple surgeries on his heart and is a question mark in that regard.

Dale Lolley said...

He's an athletic big kid who started against some top-notch talent in the SEC. He does have some question marks, though.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't king even arrested once? If we're not gonna look at phil taylor for character concerns I doubt we get KIng either. Unless he falls to the 4th as a developmental proyect

Anonymous said...

Looks like the Steelers are going to go DB at 1 and OT/OG in rounds 2 and/or 3. Just about as expected. Hardly ever a surprise from this team on draft day though I hope they can manage a trade down with some QB hungry team into the middle of the 2nd.

Patrick said...

agree with anonymous above about trading down. I really like that there could be 5 QB's (Dalton, Kaepernick, Mallet, Locker, and maybe Ponder can be included there) on the edge of Rd 1 and teams starting trying to leap frog each other for them.

If the Steelers stay put I really think Aaron Williams is the pick and if they trade down, I think its Rahim Moore and hopefully Dowling or someone similar with an extra late 2nd or early 3rd.

But, I also really like Ben Ijalana as a sleeper pick at 31.

Last thought: I don't see NT as a need in rds 1-3, but I def think a MLB (Martez Wilson at 2?) could be taken in Rd 2 or 3.

Anonymous said...

hmm a MLB? If fox is not resigned then MAYBE. If he's resigned then no need. The team really liked Sylvester last year, and while he's just a 5th rounder with a lot of potential, having farrior timmons foote and fox is a packed group already, Sly is lucky that he stayed thanks to the potential he showed and his great ST play. I doubt they would just throw all that away

Dale Lolley said...

The Steelers always draft as if none of their free agents will re-sign. So I could see another ILB late.

They'd rather have too many bodies than too few.

Patrick said...

I seriously forgot Foote was even on the team. And I'm still not considering him.

Age is going to catch up with Farrior eventually (if it already hasn't some). I like Slyvester, his attitude, and how he plays. But we have no idea if he can play MLB in the Steelers 3-4. Fox is Fox...more a STeamer than anything.

I think some youth at ILB could be had, if the value is there relative to the lack of value at other positions.

Ideally I'd like to see a trade down and end up with Williams and Moore. But thats a fantasy I think.

kyle said...

I don't want Williams or Moore. Williams is a big bodied zone coverage type. Now, he's much faster than McFadden but there's very little on tape to suggest he's a cover corner. If they got him in the second I'd be ok with it. Moore is a tiny, centerfield type safety - not exactly a perfect fit in the steelers system.