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Monday, August 15, 2011

Dwyer a big winner

Unless the Steelers make a move to sign a running back who gets cut loose in the next couple of weeks, Jonathan Dwyer has likely made this team.

The season-ending knee injury to Baron Batch last week made that a strong possibility, but rookie John Clay walking out of practice Monday all but assured it.

Clay was eventually talked into coming back onto the practice field, but you can bet the coaching staff isn't happy with him.

Of course, Clay probably sees the writing on the wall. He hasn't been too impressive in camp and was equally blah in the team's first preseson game at Washington.

So that leaves Rashard Mendenhall, Isaac Redman, Mewelde Moore and … Dwyer.

The Steelers will be watching the waiver wire closely if someone interesting gets cut loose. And no, that somebody will not be Tiki Barber.


Anonymous said...

Couldn't they start the season with three RBs? It's not like Dwyer would be active on gamedays, so he'd just be eating a roster spot. Put him or someone else on the PS and call him up if there's an injury to one of the top three RBs.

PSUnGA said...

we could always sign Tiki Barber. For sure he has some yardage left in him. He still has it in him to be a good back. J/K

adamg said...

Where is Justin Vincent these days? He did seem to show he could play when he got in preseason games, but seemed to be a victim of the numbers game each season.

Dave said...

what a disapointment about Clay, he was such a beast in college.

Dale Lolley said...

Justin Vincent is now 28. His time has passed.
Like I said, they'll be watching the waiver wire closely.

Steve-O said...

Is Dwyer really that bad? I watched his college highlights and saw some raw but impressive talent. Is it his blocking, intensity or desire that's in question? In the limited time that I've seen him in the preseason my only knock on him is that he's got to learn you can't dance behind the line of scrimmage (or anyone else for that matter) but Mendenhall had the same issue when he first took over for FWP.

Anonymous said...

Dwyer made a couple of nice effort runs against the Redskins. He also made a nice block on a play later in the game. I think he'll be the fourth guy with a young running back cut loose by another team added to the practice squad.

Anonymous said...

I tend to think the big difference between Mendenhall's dancing behind the line and Dwyer's is in the results. Mendy can make something out of nothing by juking/changing direction quickly (as he often does behind the OL).

Dwyer, on the other hand, usually gets nothing if he attempts to change direction.

Tim said...


I think the knock on Dwyer coming out of college was that he was not pro-ready, being a fullback in an option college offense. Plus he had some character concerns, but I don't remember what they are. I don't think anyone doubts his talent.

Since being on the team, I think the knocks are the same. He hadn't mastered the playbook fast enough to dress last year, and this year apparently showed up out of shape. Looks like a lack of effort.

However, he looked better than I expected in the Washington game. Hopefully the fact that he just had his job handed to him without really earning it will motivate him...?

Tim said...

I think the almighty Joe Theismann's comments about Dwyer's dancing are overblown. For the record, I think Theismann's an idiot. But I look at each of his stupid comments objectively and don't allow my previous knowledge of his idiocy to enter into my opinion.

The play when he said it, Dwyer had nowhere to go on the right side. Two Redskin LBs filled the only slots available. It was like a wall. He tried to go to the left but was too slow and heavy to make it in time. Theismann said that Dwyer had better learn that you can't change sides at this level. If they're in your way on the right, just go "inside." He ignored the fact that there was indeed a gaping hole on the left side. Any fast RB with good change of direction skills could have made it. Dwyer isn't there yet (and may never be), but his vision was not the problem. In fact, what he did cost him no yardage, and might have saved him a yard.

I don't want to single Theismann out though. Most announcers are morons. They need things to say, so they pick things to say. Whether they're true or not.

adamg said...

Dale, I see Aaron Maybin was cut by Buffalo. Do you think the Steelers would have any interest? Maybin did come out (2 yrs?) early from Penn State, which I believe hurt him, but he also showed a lot as a speed rusher off the edge.

Anonymous said...

Someone else pointed out Ed Bouchette reporting on twitter:

Bruce arians just told me that john clay was told by his RB coach to get off the field Monday and clay took it to meane "leave""

Not a disciplinary move and no repercussions for #steelers clay

Patrick said...

no offense to adamg, I usually like your posts and you aren't like the rest of these idiots.

But Maybin? really? if Buffalo is cutting him (and they need some pass rush badly) I don't see how he wouldn't be a waste of a roster spot on the Steelers.

The point is though, you say something like that and don't get flamed at all, but when I say I wasn't sold on Redman early on like the rest of the bandwagon and don't think he is Barry Sanders, I get all the little girls coming out of the woodwork.

Dale Lolley said...

Maybin was strictly a workout warrior. The AP story said he camp to camp at 228 pounds and has trouble holding his weight.

adamg said...

Yes, weight was an issue with him at Penn State, too. Then again, Farrior played MLB at 218 a year or so ago.

Maybin was a productive player at Penn State and, imho, would be at least worth a look-see.

Patrick said...

Can maybin switch to RB and replace Redman?