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Monday, August 08, 2011

Monday's news and notes

Jonathan Scott tried to gut it out at practice Monday, but his injured ankle just wouldn't let him.

It's not hard to see why Scott would attempt to tough things out, while Ramon Foster, who's injury on Saturday was not considered as serious as Scott's would not.

Scott is the definition of NFL journeyman. He's got a chance to be the Steelers' starting left tackle - in fact, he might have it be default.

And he doesn't want to give that up. But after seeing the look on his face after he shut it down Monday, he may have learned that, sometimes, it's better to bite the bullet and not practice rather than risk injuring something worse.

© Rookie linebacker Chris Carter just might be a quick learner.

After looking horrible in the tight ends on backers running drill last week, Carter did a credible job working against David Johnson, consistently getting his shoulder around the corner and taking the much bigger Johnson where he wanted him to go.

Jason Worilds wasn't anywhere near as successful as Carter was working against Johnson. In fact, Johnson stoned Worilds time and again at the line of scrimmage, pretty much having his way with him.

© Chris Kemoeatu is now running, meaning he is getting close to being activated off the PUP list.

Hines Ward was, of course, activated Monday.

© Tuesday will be a big day for many of the team's rookies and first-year players who have been missing time. If they don't practice Tuesday, they are unlikely to play in Friday's preseason opener.

© Jerrico Cotchery came and left Saint Vincent College on Monday.

The Steelers seem insistent on finding a veteran wideout to add to their roster.

That tells me they don't think Arnaz Battle can help them in the passing game. Limas Sweed doesn't have any real experience, either, and is on the outside looking in.

Tyler Grisham? He's got less experience than Battle and Sweed.


Braden said...

Thanks for the continued coverage, Dale. I'm wondering about Stevenson Sylvester. Is he fourth on the ILB depth chart? Or, is he the direct backup to Timmons, and Foote backing up Farrior? On The Fan, the other day, I believe Jim Wexell reported that Sylvester has looked great in camp.

I'm a little disappointed to read what you have wrote about Worilds. I think you wrote in your last post, that he appears to be one of the younger players that is still struggling to meet all the criteria of his position at the professional level. Is he shaping up to be the next Alonzo Jackson?

Also, do you think there's a possibility that the Steelers will dress 4 RBs during the regular season? Spindenhall, Lord Isaac, MeMo, and (forgive my lack of imagination, but...) BaBa?

Anonymous said...

Worilds is still very young and a speed rusher

No need to give up on him yet

I'm sad Fox left, he was solid

Dale Lolley said...

I guess technically, Sylvester would be fourth, but he's being pushed by Mario Harvey - though Harvey missed practice today.

The running back numbers will come down to who plays special teams. Obviously, Moore does not and you wouldn't put Mendenhall out there, but anyone else who might make it would.

Anonymous said...

Moore plays special teams as the safety punt returner

Dale - please keep us updated on the CB position. I'm hoping K Lewis beats out Gay on depth chart.

Anonymous said...

Keeping Foote over Fox is one move I do not like. He's shown more intensity in 3 seasons than Foote in his whole stay here. PLus is younger and likely a smaller salary

But oh well, but would have been behind Sylvester by next season

Anonymous said...

Fox's bonehead play in the SB punched his ticket out of town.

bruinmann77 said...

Dale the big issue there not a lot of veteran Wr that want to be the #4_5 WR.

s said...

I wouldn't read too much into Worilds vs. Johnson. Johnson is a pretty good blocking TE. In limited action last year, Worilds recorded 2 sacks. Alonzo Jackson was sackless in his entire career

Anonymous said...

I hope the Steelers give Sweed some true chances in the preseason. Just target the guy and give him a chance to make some big plays. If he blows it then let him go but actually get him some game time.
Brown and Sanders have already proven themselves. Battle is a career ST;s guy.
Grisham isn't big enough or faster enough and doesn't really fit our offense.

Anonymous said...

Unless Sanders injury is a concern going forward, I don't understand the mini obsession over adding a vet WR to the middle of the mix.

Fat lot of good it did them last year. Couldn't get more veteran than Randle El, having played in the offense for years prior. Ended up getting pushed down the depth chart by a pair of midround rookies. Let those guys continue to develop. They earned it.

El couldn't remember where to line up on any given play in the SB. A full 19 games into the season, and he still couldn't remember an offense that shoulda already been familiar to him. Why should they think that another vet with all his experience is going to fair better in picking up the offense and contributing better than El?

Roll with Sanders and Brown. They, not El, were the ones up to that task last year as rookies. They've earned the opportunity. With a year under their belts, should only be better. They should be rewarded, not punished by having their development stunted by pushing them down the depth chart with an outside vet taking the #3 spot.

datruth4life said...


Do you think that WR Tyler Grisham can nail down that last WR spot? Tunch & Wolf are very high on him and believe that he is ready to step up and take the job. Can Grisham also play special teams? I believe Battle's job is safe and he'll be active on game day.

Also, is LT Tony Hills as terrible as everyone says he is? The only time I've seen him on the field was during preseason last year and he actually looked better to me then than J. Scott. I know everyone wants the team to resign Max or Flo, but does S. Kugler know something that we don't with Hills and the other youngsters?

Anonymous said...

I think they like Hills. Could have cut him lots of times already, especially with Aaron's injury and they decided to cut Gibson instead

He wasn't as bad last preseason as in 09 and 08. Much like Sweed, it's now or never for him. But the oline is so thin that he has a better chance

If neither Starks nor Adams is resigned I can almost guarantee he's a lock for the 53. I'm rooting for him

steelcan said...

Rumour out of Buffalo has the Bills releasing or trying to trade Lee Evans. The Steelers should make a play for him. He has 2 years @ 3.2m a year left on his contract. He would be a great #2 or #3 reciever. Hines is near the end, and if they can get him for a #3 or #4, that solves a problem short term and maybe long term too. (New contract.)

Anonymous said...

I don't get all the Grisham talk. He doesn't really bring anything to the table that Antonio Brown doesn't already do better. And BTW, he dropped a pass a couple of years ago when he was wide open in the middle of the field. Sweed has all the talent in the world and has proven he can get open in the NFL. I hope they give him a fair chance with the first team this pre-season.

Dale Lolley said...

Yes, Moore does that, but that's a very limited role.

I would agree with that assessment of hte WR situation bruinman. They may have to wait until the end of camps to see who's out of work.

One coach on the staff actually wanted to cut Ward and keep Grisham last year – or so I was told.