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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Tuesday news and notes

The Steelers entertained yet another tight end on Tuesday as Reggie Kelly became the latest guy to come through Latrobe.

Despite his reputation as a solid blocker Wesyle Sanders hasn't shown it yet and David Johnson is more of an H-back than he is a second tight end. Recently signed veteran John Gilmore looks fairly unimpressive as well.

Who knew it would be so difficult to replace Matt Spaeth?

Jamie "The Real" McCoy continues to impress as a willing blocker, but, like Johnson, he's more of an H-back type than an in-line blocker. McCoy held his own in two out of three blocking drills working against James Harrison.

© With Bryant McFadden out Tuesday, Keenan Lewis took snaps with the first-team defense and had one of his better practices.

That's big news for the Steelers, who are still hoping Lewis turns into a player.

© Though Keith Williams is officially listed as his primary backup, it was Doug Legursky filling in for Chris Kemoeatu today. Chris Scott was at RG for Ramon Foster, who is suffering from concussion issues.

© The Steelers really like what they've seen out of rookie inside linebacker Mario Harvey.

Harvey is a thick, 6-0, 250 pounds, but is lightning quick.


Adam Hutchinson said...

Hey Dale,

Does Chris Scott have a realistic shot of beating out both Legursky and Foster at RG? I've heard good things about him from a few different folks.

Braden said...

Dale, you weren't kidding about Mario Harvey. I just watched his highlight reel on Youtube. In the first scene he chased down Terrelle Pryor (I believe it was against OSU) laterally and did not allow him to gain a yard! Impressive stuff. No wonder you said he's creeping up that depth chart and nipping at Sylvester's toes. With that speed, he could be an animal on Special Teams this year. No more nail biting whenever we kickoff to Cribbs!

BoJangles said...

We need a couple special teams demons to replace Fox. I really hope Lewis shows good in the preseason & unseats B-Mac as the starter. If he doesn't at least perform well enough to land the nickel job it will be a damn shame.

steelcan said...

Hey Braden,if Harvey is nipping at anyones heels, its Footes not Sly. If anything Sly is or will be breathing down Farriors neck for that starting spot soon! I would LOVE to see the Steelers cut Foote (and that salary) and put that $ elsewhere. Or just carry 9 LBS this year.

Anonymous said...

Is it me our does every camp report mention some rookie blocker stonewalling James Harrison? Does that worry anyone?

Either we have the best UDFA rookie blockers EVER or Harrison is a shadow of himself right now because of his back.

Here is a clue: its much more likely Harrison's back in bad shape.

Anonymous said...

Right anonymous, Harrison is coming off of back surgery, and both he and the coaching staff are being careful during the recovery.

He needs to be ready in three weeks, not now. For the rookies who are fighting for even a spot on the team, they do have to be in top shape at camp.

Anonymous said...

I seriously doubt Harrison will go from being shut down by Barron Batch to beat Joe Thomas in 3 weeks...I'd expect Harrison to have a VERY slow start this season.

Perhaps this figured into the Steelers paying Woodley. Harrison is 33 and coming off back surgery, not good.

datruth4life said...


Ed Bouchette had mentioned maybe the answer to the Steelers problem at tight end is to have David Johnson play Matt Spaeth's spot, in-line blocker, and have Jamie "the real deal" McCoy play the H-back spot. I haven't seen this guy in person but I know he would add a lot of athleticism to the group because he has 4.5 speed. I don't know if he can catch the ball. Do you think the Steelers could get TE Wesley Saunders to the practice squad if this happened?

Also, is Marcus Gilbert's nickname now "Big Bear" because of what Tomlin said yesterday about him after a drill?

Josh said...

nice post dale. datruth said basically what I was going to say, but keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Hope Batch's knee is ok...

Anonymous said...

"Hope Batch's knee is ok..."

Why? you think he can actually play? LOL

adamg said...

Batch blogged he has a torn ACL and is done for this football year. Too bad for the kid.

Anonymous said...

we still have Isaac Redman right?

he's good

Anonymous said...

All I have to say about our RB situation is that Redman deserves more carries than Moore. Redman is bigger, faster and stronger.

Please listen to what Art Rooney said and actually give younger players a shot over veterans.

kelly said...

Cotchery is signing a one year deal with the Steelers.

As per Adam Schefter

Dale Lolley said...

Shame about Batch. He was having a very good camp.

Harvey is a nice sleeper, but he's got to get back on the practice field. He's out this week with a groin and really needs to flash on teams.

Johnson would be a possibility at No. 2 tight end with McCoy behind him as the h-back, but we'll see how it plays out.

Anonymous said...

Really don't get this angst over a second TE. Spaeth rarely did anything but block, and he did that poorly. Hills was a TE in high school, put him at that spot. I'm sure he's a better blocker than Spaeth and he could hardly be worse as a receiver.