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Saturday, August 06, 2011

Weekend news, notes

Friday night at Latrobe High School Stadium, I was told the Steelers would work on goal line plays to end the practice.

Usually, that means putting the ball at the 2 and having the offense try to score.

In this case, it means putting the offense at its own 2 and having it come out of its own end zone.

The first play? An end around to Antonio Brown.

Brown got out of the end zone for about a five-yard gain, but a couple of screen passes were blown up.

It was almost like the Steelers were figuring out what would and would not work in those situations.

Of course, we've seen the team have problems in that same situation in plenty of big games over the past few years, so maybe it wasn't a bad idea.

© Speaking of Brown, he's been very, very active in the first week-plus of training camp. The young receiver is really taking a big step forward, particularly with Hines Ward and Emmanuel Sanders sitting out.

© If you've been following my Tweets or listened to me on the radio, you know I've been impressed with Jamie McCoy, a first-year tight end who spent time with the Rams last season.

At 6-3, 240 pounds, McCoy is a bit undersized, but he's an active blocker.

He'd likely have to make the roster as an h-back and the Steelers already have one of those in David Johnson.

Can McCoy beat out Johnson? Possibly. Johnson has not been as impressive as a blocker as he had been in previous camps.

But it's unlikely that both McCoy and Johnson make the team as backups to Heath Miller.

© Rookie running back Baron Batch is getting plenty of looks. Friday night, he was matched against Lawrence Timmons – the new defensive champion. Coach Mike Tomlin made sure McCoy was matched against Timmons as well.

Both held their own, splitting a pair of reps with Timmons.

Saturday, Batch scored on a pair of goal-line carries in the goal-line drill.

© Jonathan Scott went down Saturday with an ankle injury. You can bet the Steelers were getting ready to dial Max Starks or Flozell Adams.

Tony Hills was his replacement.

It doesn't appear serious, but gives an idea of just how precarious the team's situation is at offensive tackle, particularly left tackle.

© Both Ed Bouchette and Peter King, a pair of Hall of Fame voters, Tweeted Saturday night that they believe Dermontti Dawson will be part of next year's Hall of Fame class.

It's about time.


Steve-O said...

Hey Dale, any word on Limas Sweed? Is he still injured? Unless he shows something phenomenal during the upcoming preseason games I think he's done.

datruth4life said...

Dale, R U surprised that Max & Flo haven't had any interest from other teams. Also, what type of addition do you think J. Cotchery would be if he signed here?

Anonymous said...

The goal line problem is probably another symptom of the problems with reliably dealing with 3rd & short. (Except that they are unlikely to call a shotgun & empty backfield on their own 1 yard line.)

Dale Lolley said...

Sweed's missing too much practice to be factor.

I'm not all that surprised Max and Flo haven't received much interest. Flo wants to start and Max is still trying to get in game shape. I'm sure teams have contacted both, but unless somebody loses a tackle, there's not going to be any movement there.

Cotchery is now being targeted by the Ravens. I don't think he'd come here because he'd have no shot at getting on the field when everyone's healthy. Don't think the Steelers have an interest.

Anonymous said...

Sewed ur such a disappointment.....

Anonymous said...

Prediction...The steelers REALLY like Gilbert. That's why they felt comfortable cutting Starks and Adams, not because they like J. Scott. The future line-up (2012) will be Gilber, Williams, Pouncey, C. Scott, and Colon. And they will be really good!

Dale, thanks for the updates. I appreciate your work.

Dale Lolley said...

Guess they did have a passing interest in Cotchery. Don't think it will go anywhere.

As for Gilbert, I'd like to see him get back onto the field.

datruth4life said...


If the Steelers don't resign Max or Starks, do you think that Chris Scott could start at RG and that Ramon Foster could be the swing tackle on gameday? I've seen several reports were Chris Scott is having a great camp and that he could be a darkhorse winner in the RG competition. And is Tony Hills as bad as Trai Essex? The only time I've seen him play was last preseason and he played decently to me. Can Wes Lyons land that 6th WR spot? Why not keep him, let him put on 10 to 15 pounds and be our Jamarcus Finley matchup problem?

And lastly, Ed Bouchette has said that he thinks all of the draft picks this year could make the team. Your thughts?

datruth4life said...

And I meant if they don't resign Flozell or Max. My bad.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Hines!

Hines said...

Thanks anonymous !