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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Post-Washington thoughts

All the people who want to trade or cut James Harrison and allow Troy Polamalu to leave as a free agent at the end of the season got a good look what that would look like for the Steelers Friday night against Washington.

It wasn't pretty.

Thankfully for the Steelers, both will be in uniform for them this season.

Sure, the Steelers played pretty vanilla defensively in the first half against the Redskins, but Washington was gouging Pittsburgh on the ground when both teams had their starters in the game. That's something that would be much less likely to happen with Harrison and Polamalu in the game.

© Antonio Brown continues to be perhaps the most impressive-looking player for the Steelers.

It's a shame the new kickoff rules aren't going to allow for him to make too many returns.

© The Steelers started the game with three tight ends, with David Johnson in the backfield and John Gilmore and Heath Miller on the line.

But Jamie McCoy did replace Johnson on the second series as the H-back.

© Tough game for Ryan Mundy. He was getting worked over so much in coverage that you would have sworn the Redskins game planned it.

© The Steelers dodged a bullet with Lawrence Timmons, who went down in the first half with a stinger that looked worse than it apparently was.

They weren't as fortunate with Ike Taylor, who suffered a broken thumb.

Taylor will be ready for the regular season opener, but it will give the Steelers a great opportunity to get some of their young corners more experience - if they can stay healthy.

© If you don't like the way Isaac Redman runs with the ball, you don't like football.

© Ramon Foster started at right guard, but was replaced by Chris Scott in the second series. Scott had a tough go of it, allowing a running play to get blown up and allowing a sack.


carync said...

Didn't see the game, but am concerned about CB play. Keep reading that Gay and Lewis were horrible.

Patrick said...

the one Redman run was really nice, displaying excellent vision. (I think it was his first carry for 12 yards)

I always thought Redman was more of message board folklore that reality, but given his play last year and the few runs I saw tonight, I think this guy deserves the rock while his legs are young and fresh. He really does look like the real deal.

Henry said...

All this concern over a 3rd down back is ridiculous.
Mendy should be the 3rd down back, and should split more early down carries with Redman.

Kirby Wilson did blush the other day about Mendy's blitz pickups, fluid route running abilities, and soft hands.

And Redman just deserves more carries at this point.

adamg said...

Steeler practices have been soft and that's how they played. They must think they will flip the proverbial "on switch" when the games count.

Redman stood out. It was reported he's 245 lbs, but he didn't look like he lost any speed or quickness. He and Mendenhall give the team it's best 1-2 punch in a long time.

Didn't think Mundy or Lewis was that bad. The Steelers play such soft coverage, it's hard for any db to look good. Liked what I saw of Donovan Warren, though.

Cam Heyward didn't look lost at all. Nice to see him and Ziggy on the DL of the future.

Steve-O said...

1. Emmanuel Sanders better get back soon because his #3 spot is going to be lost to Antonio Brown

2. It looks like the Steelers got great value for their first round pick at #31

3. Right Guard is still a problem

4. The Steelers were playing without both of their former NFL Defensive Players of the Year... and it showed.

5. Why bother even having kickoffs? Just start the damn game at the 20 yard line and spare us the charade that kickoffs have now become. I've watched 3 games and kickoff returns are practically non-existent... unless it's a Steeler kicker... who always seems to be accurate but weak legged.

adamg said...

The touchbacks were boring, but remember, it's hot weather and all the kicks carry farther than they will when the weather turns colder.

JR said...

I think we have our third down back and his nam is Rashard Mendenhall, Redman should be the hammer. Redman reminds me of Barry Foster in his style of running.

Rashard is to hit or miss much like Willie Parker was minus the long TD runs.

Ike braking a thumb means nothing really, he could not catch with 2 healthy thumbs to begin with. Ike would have had double digit picks just about every year if he could catch a cold.

Heyward will be just fine. He is better suited for the 3-4 pro defense game than the college style they ran at OSU. Plus Tressel serisouly lacked in developing talent at OSU. Cooper could develope talent but could not win. Tressel was the oposite.

Touchbacks will seriously change the NFL game this year, esspecially late in the game if your behind. It will really separate the good Qbs from the bad.

Anonymous said...

"I always thought Redman was more of message board folklore that reality"

That's because you are an idiot who knows nothing about football and can't come up with your own opinions that aren't completely moronic

Patrick said...

oh yeh? you must be right. I must be an idiot. Or was it because Redman has a grand total of 52 carries for his NFL career?

Do you think maybe thats the reason I thought people had more hope for him than he deserved or would you just be happier calling me an idiot without any basis to support it from your anonymous tag.

When the kiddies want to bash every comment I make this season, lets give a reason WHY. Please.

And what do you know about football? What do you know about anything? You sit there and take potshots behind your anonymous tag. When you're ready for the adult table, let us know. But introduce yourself first.

Anonymous said...

I was so disappointed. I didn't expect to see what happened. I know that the new guys would be out there but, to me, they didn't even look like Pittsburgh Steelers. I thought they looked like they were dancing through the game.

Mark said...

Maybe I'm remembering wrong, but didn't the (starting) defense get gouged last preseason too? Then turn around and stomp on regular season opponents? I'm not saying we should be glad about last night, but it isn't the end of the world either.

Anonymous said...

So Patrick didn't realize Redman was good after 16+3 games last year but is now convinced after 1 preseason game? What a tool

pennstump said...

It's preseason. All you can hope for is young kids to make names for themselves and for roster folks to not get injured.

Patrick said...

I'm glad it took one preseason game for people to start putting words in my mouth.

Before Redman ever stepped onto an NFL field people had unfounded hopes for him. After working his way onto the team and getting playing time last season (albeit very slim time) and now looking like hes poised to contribute more, I'm starting to have more hopes for him.

Last season people had big hopes for him before he ever stepped onto a field.

Anonymous said...

Redman was an undrafted free agent. Nobody had high hopes for him until he did step on the field and showed he can play.

God u r stupid patrick.

Patrick said...

I love strong and fresh legs on my young men!


Anonymous said...

Who is gonna be the returner this year??

BoJangles said...

Anybody that believes this veteran ball club gives a damn about preseason ball is fooling themself. The only thing I care about is the development of young players. These guys have played too many big games to get up for August football.

As far as Redman goes, 5 yards a pop don't lie in the NFL. Get that man his touches!

Anonymous said...

Is there a way to make every poster anonymous? Itd stop the stupid bickering between patrick and his hate squad

datruth4life said...


What about the Steelers keeping a kick-off specialist this year like K Swayze? If he can put every kick 10-yards into the endzone, then he is just as effective a special teams weapon as a Josh Cribbs or Devin Hester. I don't think Suisham has the leg that will consistently put it in the endzone.

Also, can we get any CB's that will not give up a 10-yard cushion in coverage? Keenan Lewis and Donovan Warren weren't even in the picture on some plays after the Skins WRs caught the ball. Call me an optimist, but I actually think the OL could be better this year. They're young but they should get better as the season goes.

Anonymous said...

A veteran team like the steelers won't carry two kickers

It's not the cbs that give up the cushion, it's the scheme. Which may I say Keenan was running pretty well last night. The rest were pretty much meh

Anonymous said...

Just for laughs next game keep an eye on Gay when he's on D or special teams. He sucks so bad that he actually runs away from making tackles

Anonymous said...

We do need to run more press man coverage...

Anonymous said...

I thought Mundy played well. I don't know all of the nuances of the saftey position. How was he worked? Now if the comment was meant for William Gay. I agree 100%

Braden said...

One sign of encouragement, for me, was what appears to be some pretty solid DL depth. Besides Hood and Heyward, it looks like some of the other young linemen (e.g., Gray, Miguel Chavis, and Corbin (sp?) Bryant [who Tunch Ilkin could not stop raving about]) have the ability to play 3-4 defense. They were aggressive at the point of attack, making tackles, handling multiple O-linemen (granted, these were Washington's third-stringers). The age of the Steelers' front three is always kind of a point of derision. But now, it seems like there are some guys that will make it into the rotation, and maybe others that can be stashed on the practice squad that could one day crack the lineup. We all know that Smith and Keisel are not as durable as they once were. Hoke is no spring chicken either. Eason's gone. So, the depth all starts with Hood, Heyward, and now maybe Gray/Chavis/Bryant.

I don't know. I just think there was a positive that many people maybe were not paying close attention to.

Anonymous said...

Noticed Gray a lot. Guy's huge! I wouldn't mind having him on the roster behind Hoke and Hampton, even if he's always going to be inactive. Saw Chavis make a few plays too, but I will pay attention to that Bryant guy. To be honest, hadn't even heard about him until now

The way I see it, last year they kept 2 linemen in the practice squad. McClendon spend a lot of time on the roster, but he began on the squad. If those three young guys continue with good play one might make the roster and two other to the squad

Anonymous said...


It's not a sin to be late to the party. Just glad you are on board the "redzone" train now! Look up the "Isaac Redman show" on youtube and you can see about an hour of highlights on him from bowie state. The most impressive run of many is when literally every member of the defense tries unsuccessfully to tackle him before he goes fifty yards for a touchdown. That tape is why I have been on his bandwagon before he ever played a down for us. Even a Barry Sanders highlight reel is not as impressive. If the kid does 1/5th of what he did in college against admittedly subpar competition he will be in the hall of fame some day. He is great even when the blocking is not.
Mrs. Isaac Redman

joe said...

i'm one of the people who want to be cautious about another polo contract. i don't think anyone said they "want" to let polo walk.
after the pre season game, i'm still cautious about it.