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Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday news and notes

If rookie Marcus Gilbert is unable to play next Sunday against Jacksonville - and that looks pretty likely - the Steelers will start their sixth different offensive line in six games.

I've been covering the NFL since 1993 and don't ever remember that happening to a team before.

© The Steelers have opened as 12 1/2-point favorites to beat the Jaguars at home.

This will be another get-healthy game for the defense, which has just 10 sacks to this point, well off its usual pace.

These are the kind of games where the Steelers defense comes out and gets five or six sacks - if not more.

© It will be interesting to see if Mike Tomlin sticks with Lawrence Timmons or goes to Jason Worilds at outside linebacker - if Worilds is over his quad injury.

If it were me, I'd go with Worilds.

This is a perfect opportunity to get the young man's feet wet against a team you should dominate. And Timmons is way better inside than he is outside.


Anonymous said...

Odd seeing Sepulveda throw it right handed. Wasn't the prettiest pass. Is he left handed or right?

bruinmann77 said...

i really like to see the young guys getting some experience and it working well with that combo. To Bad for Gilbert he was playing better and better but think we are OK with Scott who best position is right tackle

bruinmann77 said...

i was a bit nervous watching Sepulvda trying to make that tackle.

Tim said...

I'm sure they didn't ask their punter to throw a 20 yard pass with his wrong hand on 4th down. Not even a QB could do that with any kind of reliability. My dad is left handed and right footed. It happens.

Definitely go with Worilds if he's healthy enough. Get Foote off the field, get Worilds into the game, and get Timmons back home. Three-fer.

I'm stoked about Gilbert! He's better than I expected him to be, and sooner than I expected. I'm looking forward to him being our left tackle of the future. Now let's get some guards.

Anonymous said...

Sepulveda is a left kicker, but from everything I've heard he's right handed

Hope they use Worilds. Look what the young guys did on sunday. Add another hungry young guy and the jags' rookie QB won't stand a chance

Anonymous said...

Surely they would use Worilds if he's ready to play, Tomlin cannot be oblivious to how out of position Timmons looks on the outside. Can't shed a block and always gets picked up on blitzes by the RB's.
Big Timmons fan but he needs to stay at ILB. Oh and I'd like to see how much more athletic the middle of the defense would become if Sylvester and Timmons were out there together at ILB. I drool over that thought.

Anonymous said...

Big Max being back protecting Ben's blind side made a huge difference in the way the offense executed in both the running and passing game. He allowed Ben the time to go through his progressions. He and Legursky allowed Ariens to do the one thing that he has been reluctant to do and that was run to the left, with success. I watched Timmons intently because he was matched up against a pro bowl left tackle in Roos. Roos made him a non factor. It was obvious that Lawrence doesn't have Debo's power, leverage and mindset. As for Foote he played a decent game. It wasn't a pro bowl effort, but that's why he's a back up and situational player. He started because of his veteran experience. He did his job and wasn't a liability. Even if Worilds was physically ready to play I wonder how effective he would have been considering he hasn't played yet this season.

KT said...

Its funny, I'd almost taken it for granted that Timmons was going to occupy the outside slot until Harrison returned. I agree with most of the others here however, not that you want to take any NFL opponent lightly, but Worilds needs some experience, and what better time to get it for him?

joe said...

it took ben getting hurt before he and arians would go for the quick throws ?? something we have all been calling for for three years.

i know i'm getting old, but i wish tomlin would plant his boot in brown's rear end and tell him to stop with the taunting and celebrating after nearly every play. love browns speed, but grow up kid. you are on the steelers, not the playground.

we aren't terrible, we aren't great. keep improving and looking forward to see if they can control the game again next week.

Dale Lolley said...

Trust me, the constant celebrations were one reason why Brown didn't get on the field in the early part of last season. He did it in practice after catches. He used to be much worse.

As for Worilds, he has seen some playing time this season in the base defense.

Timmons doesn't have the pass rush moves to play outside. He's got an outside speed rush or tries to bull. That bull rush works against running backs, not against tackles.

BoJangles said...

It's time to see Woirlds in extended game action. I want to know if we're in good hands for the day Harrison's play falls off the face of the earth.