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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tuesday with Tomlin

The biggest news to come out of Mike Tomlin's press conference today is that Casey Hampton is expected to return against New England on Sunday after sitting out the past three games with a shoulder injury.

Of course, getting a nose tackle back against New England may be a moot point. Because of New England's propensity to spread the field out against the Steelers, the nose tackle often only sees 15 to 20 plays.

© Tomlin said he'll wait and see how Hines Ward is Wednesday before he makes any declarations if Ward will play or not. Ward suffered a sprained ankle against Arizona.

© James Harrison, Chris Hoke, Jason Worilds and Doug Legursky are likely out.

Rookie corner Curtis Brown is suffering from back spasms.

© Tomlin said he's not sure Ike Taylor will follow Wes Welker all over the field since Welker lines up so much in the slot.


Anonymous said...

Darn, Worilds timing really stinks. The Steelers need Timmons to cover those tight ends this week, not get swallowed up by New England's left tackle. New England by 2 TDs.

Dave said...

Has there ever been a time in the NFL when one division had the top 4 spots in total defense? I'm completely impressed that Balt, Cincy, Pitt and Cle are the top 4 D's in the NFL.

Anonymous said...

Get major pressure on Brady or lose. Back to my PhD studies.

Anonymous said...

Dale, any scoop on Chris Hoke's injury? A two-week "stinger?"

I just realized that before he went to the Titans we had a Chris Hope and a Chris Hoke at the same time.

Robert K said...

All I know is the Steelers need to run some press coverage against the Patriots WR's or they will eat us alive.

If our guys play ten yards off every snap we might as well just stop the Pats 30+ pts and call it a day.

Robert K said...

stop = spot

Pistol said...


Is this the week we're gonna get to see the 2 young corners?? (Allen,Brown). Have to say that it seems like the light finally came on for Lewis as he's not making the silly mistakes and always right in the wr's hip pocket if they do make the catch.

bruinmann77 said...

it looks like Brown is having issues

bruinmann77 said...


any chance we see Timmions moving Inside
to cover te from the ILB

Anonymous said...

I'd have to go back and look, but I thought they did move Timmons back inside some in packages, with Keisel as a sorta rush end.

Dale Lolley said...

Yeah, when they went to the sub packages, Keisel stood up outside and Timmons slid to the middle.

I've been wondering about Hoke myself. Going to check into it tomorrow.

marc said...

i know it's off topic, but how about the slue of horrible personal foul calls this past weekend? espn replayed several perfectly clean hits that ended up being flagged. i mean, not even close to being illegal, just hard hits.

that's what we were saying was going to happen when goodell started his witch hunt last year.