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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Tuesday with Tomlin, more bad news

Mike Tomlin said Tuesday that linebacker James Harrison suffered a fractured orbital bone that will cause him to miss the next several weeks.

Harrison will have surgery Wednesday.

With linebacker Jason Worilds doubtful to play Sunday against Tennessee, Lawrence Timmons will shift outside, with Larry Foote starting inside.

On the positive side, Tomlin said he expects quarterback Ben Roethlisberger to play, though he'll obviously be limited early in the week.

Tomlin also expects Brett Keisel, Doug Legursky and Jonathan Scott back in the lineup this week.

The return of Keisel would be particularly helpful, considering Aaron Smith is doubtful to play Sunday.

The Steelers are also hurting at running back. Mewelde Moore has a sprained ankle, while Rashard Mendenhall has a hamstring strain, though Mendenhall is far more likely to play than Moore.

All in all, it's a long list of injuries.


marc said...

what does several weeks mean? 3, 8, 10?

this team needs a rallying cry and someone to lead by example. thought it would be harrison, but he's out. who's it gonna be now?

emac2 said...

Is it supposed to be a good draft this year?


Dale Lolley said...

I think you're probably looking at three to four weeks at the least. You can't cast a face like they did with Ike's thumb.

Obviously, he can wear a visor, but there's still a lot of jarring there on tackles.

Anonymous said...

I hope it doesn't end up being like the indefinitely out Polamalu of 2009.

Dale, do you think S. Sylvester may get some playing time spelling Foote & Farrior this week?

I've climbed down off the bridge today, and think the law of averages says we get some turnovers this weekend.

kelly said...

I really hope Sylvester gets a chance because I can handle a full game of Foote. Not to mention Farrior hasn't looked good either. Could be trouble in the middle, especially covering RB's and TE's.

Anonymous said...

Oops... That should read 'can't'... I CAN'T handle a full game of Foote.

Anonymous said...


A bit off topic but I just watched "Chalk Talk" with Tunch on I encourage everybody to do the same. What is absolutely maddening, especially on the offensive side, is the play selection and packages. Tunch reviewed several plays. Ben gets SLAUGTHERED when either there is empty backfield or Moore in.

For Tomlin and BA to go down to Texas with that offensive line and call those plays against a very active defense is sheer stupidity!! I read that Mendy was begging BA to put in a fullback but Tomlin/BA said no. Inexcusable and criminal to subject your franchise QB to that pounding with a rookie RT and a backup LT! This is not rocket science.

Whew, I am about to explode!!

Jimbo (exiled in Philly; at least they suck too)

Anonymous said...

"There is no fullback in my offense."

BA cannot leave town soon enough.

Anonymous said...

So James might miss the titans, Jax and the cardinals

No way I see him missing out on a chance at tom brady though

If the defense plays like they should, they shouldn't miss him too much against all these running teams. If they play like they have the past four games then bye bye season

Hopefully Sylvester gets some actual playing time and not just a play here and there. Foote may have experience, but there's simply not much to him. Sylvester has a lot of potential, time to exploit that

Anonymous said...

Ben avoiding sacks is the offense's "max protect." That's on Bruce, Ben, and Tomlin. Eventually it will catch up with anyone. God I hate the empty backfields.

Anonymous said...

Pompeani and albi reporting starks was at steelers facility today. Signing could come soon. If his neck is ok and he is at playing weight he can't he worse that Scott or Essex.

Anonymous said...

Max Protect is signing with Stillaz baby!

Dale Lolley said...

How many of those empty backfields or four receivers and Moore were late in the game when the Texans knew the Steelers would be throwing.

I counted the empty sets in the first three quarters. I believe, if memory serves they ran that set four times in the first three quarters.

Of course Ben was getting killed when the Texans knew they had to throw. Now, certainly, an empty set tips that off, even early in the game, but they did hit the draw at the end of the first half out of four wides with Moore in the backfield.