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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wednesday news and notes

Both Casey Hampton and Chris Hoke missed practice today, but Hoke is expected to be ready to play at Arizona on Sunday.

Jason Worilds returned to full practice today, but don't expect him to be automatically thrust into the starting lineup.

On the other hand, it looks like rookie Marcus Gilbert will go back into the starting lineup ahead of Jonathan Scott at right tackle despite the fact that Scott has played well the past two games subbing.

Chris Kemoeatu is also back, though he says the cartilage problem in his knee that has forced him to miss three games will require surgery at season's end. He said he has already had the knee drained three times.

© Ben Roethlisberger said today that he went to Bruce Arians midway through the fourth quarter last Sunday and asked to run the no-huddle offense. Arians told him no, as he should have with the team nursing a 17-10 lead at that point.

Roethlisberger always wants to run the no-huddle because that's what he's very comfortable doing. But, as we've seen with Pitt this season, sometimes you have to be able to milk the clock a little bit.

If the Steelers convert a third-and-short just once in the fourth quarter, the Jaguars never get to 17-13.


Anonymous said...

Dale...I read that Mike Wallace was held out of practice today too. Is that true?

superfan99 said...

What's the story with Mike Wallace?

Mizou said...

I'm not so sure about Arians being right to deny the no-huddle. As we've seen in the NFL this year, no lead appears to be safe, even against an offensively inept team like the Jags (hell, they almost pulled off a win anyway!). Especially with the Steelers being unable to successfully run out the clock with the ground game, the other option to stay ahead is to score more points.

Besides, just because you go no huddle, doesn't mean you can't run and try to run down the clock. It might actually have been more effective, given that the Jags would have to have personnel to either defend the run or the pass, and Ben could take advantage by doing the opposite.

Anonymous said...

Very selfish of Ben to want to run no huddle. Comfortable or not, it shows he is mentally incapable of managing a game on his own. Just pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Arians haters are gonna go wild with that quote

Anyway, glad gilbert is playing. Getting ahead of J Scott is not great feat, but at least shows the coaches trust him

bruinmann77 said...

dale if Hoke and Casey can't go who will back up Mclendon? I was also wondering if that leaves Hayward as the only other DL.
What the story with Mcfadden will he ever hit the field this season.I hope they do try some No it seems Ben is again acting Mature ?

Dale Lolley said...

Yeah, but nothing major. Just a sore hamstring. He's fine.

As for the lead against the Jags, they were running the ball well and Jacksonville had a rookie QB. We've seen Rashean Mathis beat the Steelers single-handedly before - and you have Wallace with a sore hamstring. I don't have a problem not going to the no-huddle in that situation.

Let your defense get after the rookie QB and make a play.

Hoke will play, so there's no issue with the fourth-string NT. But they could always run the nickel.

As for Gilbert, I'd start Scott. He's played well. They've rushed for 350 yards in the past two games. Why mess with that.

bruinmann77 said...

Dale i thought they were also doing well with Gilbert.But I agree that Scott has looked good at RT. I think if Starks was injured Gilbert should slide Over since Scott is not a LT

Anonymous said...

Very disappointing if true about Worilds not getting the start. We know that Timmons is a better ILB than Foote, so this would mean one of two things:

1. Worilds is a better OLB than Timmons, but the coaches are making an illogical decision.


2. Worilds is not a better OLB than Timmons.

Very disappointing in either case.

adamg said...

Nice to know that even BA occassionally reigns in BR. I can see after reading about BR's unceasing desire to run the no huddle, why Harrison made the comments he did about him.

BR's comment on being able to run the no huddle on the road with no problems makes me wonder if he even noticed his offense was having problems running a regular offense on the road this season?

Anonymous said...

I agree that it made no sense to run the no-huddle at that point in the game.

It does make sense to run the no-huddle (not necessarily a hurry-up, as others have pointed out; although the Ben's no-huddle usually seems to take its time anyway, so no worries) more often than they do now. With an 8th year QB in the 5th season in the "system," har-har, there's no reason not to. Either Ben can handle it or he can't. To only use it when they're bogged down is bizarre. At least try it more often and then dial it back if it's not working?

They've got to put up points consistently. Yards, schmards.

Dale -- do you know if that stat someone posted the other day -- 19 red zone first downs, 18 runs -- is true?

marc said...

#7's thought to go to the no huddle at that point in the game is all the proof you need that he does not understand the dynamics of a football game. which, maybe he shouldn't be expected to know, but nonetheless that is what coaches are for.

i credit arians in turning it down. i believe the could use the no-huddle more strategically than they do, but they are also trying to find their way in the run game as well, so something has to give.

ultimately, if they get the run game going consistently, they will be a difficult offense to defend down the stretch. what will matter most is if the o-line can keep it together or not. imo, that will determine the steeler's fate for the season.

Dave said...

People confuse the No Huddle with a "Hurry-Up Offense"... you can still run clock in the No Huddle offense. Ben likes it because it gives him an opportunity to read the defense and audible to a play that will work. There's no reason you can't run the play clock down to zero every time still.

marc said...

i agree with you, if peyton manning is running the no huddle. #7 wants the no huddle so he can call his own pass plays and air it out.

i'm sure #7 is allowed to audible at the line of scrimmage if he feels strongly enough about a play anyway.

adamg said...

Exactly. BR wants the no huddle so he can throw the ball every down.

After 8 years, BR still doesn't get it that in the Steelers scheme a ball-control offense is needed to allow the defense, which is built for max effort over a short spurts, to function as it's designed.

Yes, BR is tough and he can make something out of nothing, but it's stories like these that make me wonder just how much of team player he is.

marc said...

actually, i don't doubt he's a team player. i believe it's more along the lines of "i can make this team win so let me do it" type of attitude. that's not necessarily a bad thing, but something you wish he would have outgrown by now.

adamg said...

Would have to disagree with your description as being that of a team player. No doubt, you need a big ego and belief you can do anything to be an NFL qb, but you also have to know when to set that aside and get with the program.

Dale Lolley said...

I have no idea if the red zone numbers are right. I didn't go back and count them and there aren't any stats packages readily available that have that.

I never thought the Steelers would insert Worilds as a full-time starter - especially since he's never done it and they have other options who have. He's going to have to earn playing time – playing on passing downs – - through his practice coming back from the injury

Robert K said...

Just read that our offense is 22nd in the league in scoring...that is pretty sad.

Mark said...

I agree with the posters who mention that "no-huddle" does not have to be the same as "hurry up".

A good example was the New England-Dallas game. Brady was flummoxed by the D-defense, then went to no-huddle (not hurry-up) as often as he could. Kept Dallas from changing people, and made it easier for him to find the good match-ups.

kelly said...

Dale, any info on the injuries in todays practice? I've read that Pouncey, Worilds and Mendenhall all left early. Not good.