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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thursday news and notes

Hines Ward missed his second consecutive day of practice with a sprained ankle, but said he is going to do everything in his power to play Sunday against the Patriots.

If not, Emmanuel Sanders will start.

© Linebacker James Farrior was limited today after tweaking his calf Wednesday. You'll remember that Farrior went down briefly with a cramp in the same calf against Arizona.

Farrior expects to play.

© Linebacker James Harrison, nose tackle Chris Hoke and guard Doug Legursky were out.

Linebacker Jason Worilds returned to practice on a limited basis with his quad injury.


Henry said...

Gotta have Worilds.

We need 94 in the middle defending those TEs.

Dale, anyway Hoke has to go on IR bc of his neck or just too early to tell?

Henigin said...

Why would Sanders start instead of Brown?

bruinmann77 said...

I heard Sanders wll be taking over for Waed and Brown will the slot man

Dale will they move timmions to the ILB so he can be used in coverage.

Henry said...

But Ward has been playing the slot. Brown has been the #2 for a few games now.

KT said...

Interesting indeed that they'll be starting Sanders in Ward's place.

I agree that Timmons should be in coverage, but the truth is we've no one else to put on the outside.

What really catches my attention is that the Steelers players really seem to be buying into the Tomlin party line as far as "the past is the past" is concerned.

Whatever else happens, these guys do not seem to be haunted by ghosts of previous beatings, which is good.

Dale Lolley said...

Sanders would start.

As for moving Timmons inside, they do that in the dime package with Keisel standing up outside.

superfan99 said...

Sanders, the better blocker, will start, but Brown's still going to see a lot of reps. Brown will probably see more passing targets than Sanders.

BoJangles said...

Brown isn't a slot receiver, why would he be expected to get the start? As good as Brown has been Sanders is still a better route runner & he plays regularly in the slot. Essentially all three "start" unless we begin the the game in 2 TE's.

Kevin said...

I think Brown/Sanders will split time on the outside. Let them compete for playing time, it will bring out the best in both of them

Cotchery is a damn good slot receiver

Pistol said...


With Ward being limited are out i just wondered how the your wideouts are doing with route running??? i know earlier they were still making quite a few mistakes?? It seems like Ben is always talking to one of them on almost every other play.


Pistol said...

that was terrible grammar lo it was a late night lol
are= or
your= young