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Friday, July 25, 2008

All in

Friday, the Steelers assured that all of their players will be under contract when they report on Sunday as the team signed its two remaining unsigned draft picks, running back Rashard Mendenhall and wide receiver Limas Sweed.

Mendenhall, the Steelers’ top pick, agreed to a five-year deal worth $12.55 million. Sweed, a second-round selection, came to terms on a four-year deal believed to be worth $3.5 million.

Mendenhall’s deal includes nearly $7 million in guaranteed money and could – at least at times this season – give the Steelers a very high-priced backfield.


Anonymous said...


Your veteran bubble guys(Carter,Reid & Essex) were the same 3 I chose. It is really exciting to have everyone "in the fold" before camp even starts. This really makes for an intriguing season with all the offensive weapons, a formidable defense and one hell of a schedule. When you think about it, it really could bring out the best in this group. I know it's way early but I am going to predict a 12-4 regular season but I'll stop short of playoff predictions. I truly believe the ingredients for a magical season are there. So, do you think the back to roots training Polamalu is doing with Mr. Marinovich is going to solve his nagging injury problems?


Dale Lolley said...

12-4 would be very difficult with this schedule.
The winner of the division will have to go 5-1 or 4-2 at the least to win it.
If you go 4-2 in the division, that means you would have to go 8-2 in the non-division games to get to 12-4. That's a tough one.
I'm looking more at 9-7 or possibly 10-6 as a best case scenario. Either could win the division. It will be that tight this season.
Cleveland and Cinci will be tough.
As for Polomalu, we'll see. It's worked for him in the past.

Wieters said...

I know the stats guys at Football Outsiders predicted Baltimore to win the division.

Anonymous said...


What would it take for Jeremy Bloom to make the team???


Dale Lolley said...

Baltimore has little to no shot at winning this, IMO. No QB. The only way that changes is if they get Favre, and it may be too late in the game for that to matter.
Bloom has no shot at making this club.