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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Hampton starts on PUP

Nose tackle Casey Hampton was unable to complete the team's run challenge on the opening day of training camp and will begin camp on the Physically Unable to Perform list.

Hampton, who skipped the team's offseason workout program, finished just five of the eight 100-yard sprints and jogs back to the starting line.

Hampton looked very much out of shape when he arrived here at Saint Vincent College.

Head coach Mike Tomlin would not put a timeframe on when the Pro Bowl nose tackle will be removed from the PUP, but did say that it could be some time.

Safety Troy Polamalu arrived with a sore hamstrong, but completed his run test, as did guard Chris Kemoeatu, who has some weakness in his triceps.

Both could be held out of practice Monday morning when the team takes the field for the first time.


Ben said...

This pisses me off to no end. Casey has been a favorite of mine, but how does he get off showing up to camp like this? I wouldn't be surprised if they cut him, and if they don't, its just because of a lack of depth. What do you think, Dale?

Dale Lolley said...

They won't cut him. I just spoke with Casey and he said Tomlin wasn't pissed or anything. He was disappointed. But Casey said his focus is on being ready for the first game.
It is disappointing, particularly since he didn't work at the OTAs, though.

Patrick said...

very frustrating and not a way to get camp started on a positive note. I hope someone cleans his clock when he does get on the practice field. Thats what this team needs on both lines, some fire.

Everyone knows that our D line has very little youth or depth and this guy shows a complete lack of care and comes to camp like this.

I love Casey as a player, but he needs to be disciplined in some way for this. He's not a rookie , hes a veteran and a supposed leader.

Anonymous said...

It's a shame, but things could be worse. Dale, do you think Troy and Kemoeatu's injuries will be nagging? We need to stay healthy during this camp!

Anonymous said...

Not only did Tomlin scale back on practices this camp. But it sounds like he trimmed the run test way down too. Wasn't it 16 110 yard sprints last year? Now it's 8 100's? And Hampton still only managed 5? Geez. And that was said to be less taxing than Cowher's version. Didn't Hampton fail back in 2003 or 2004? Was he put on the PUP then too? I don't recall that being so.

Ben said...

dI really hope he can get into better shape. Not just for football, but for life after football. He just doesn't look healthy. I guess that's an understatement.

adamg said...

Dale, if Casey thinks Tomlin wasn't po'd, he should think again. I'll bet Tomlin was furious. That's why the Big Snack is on the PUP and was not given a pass because he's a vetern player.

I hope this opens the door for Scott Paxson.

Mike Jones said...

Are you kidding me? Who cares about the run test. He didn't finish the 14 40-yard dashes in 2003 and he still made it to the Pro Bowl that year. When was the last time Hampton ha to run 100 yards at one time? My guess would be when he picked up that fumble in the 2002 Cincy game. I'm sure he'll be fine once he's through training camp.

Anonymous said...

agreed i think he will still stuff anything his way but it is also disappointing he should have been there in shape to lead like a veteran but HERE WE GO STEELERS !!

Dale Lolley said...

I don't think either of the injuries are serious.
In fact, Troy ran. He was favoring the leg somewhat afterward, but it probably just tightened up on him. It could have even been from the plane ride. I'm not sure when he flew back in from Cali.
Kemo is just some weakness he's feeling. He also completed the run test.
As for Casey, yeah, he didn't make it in 2003 and then went on to the Pro Bowl. He brought that up to me. But he was also 25 then.

Anonymous said...

Dale, any news on Marvel? How does he look, heard he lost 20 lbs.

Whats Ryan Clark looking like?


Russell was said to be up to 225, is it a good or bad 10 lb gain, we all know Gary Russell can gain weight when not playing as seen at the combine, but it was reported in spring that his weight gain was a good thing. I know he did some lead blocking for Lawrence Maroney at Minn, any chance he gets an opportunity to back up Carey Davis at the FB position?

adamg said...

Last year, it was easy to see how much weight Hampton had put on and he was a worse player for it. He didn't have the same quickness and was being easily handled on line of scrimmage.

You don't think Tomlin saw this?

To put a Pro-Bowl caliber player on the PUP solely due to weight is highly unusual. Tomlin is trying to send a message, but from Dale's posts, Casey is not getting it.

I really think Casey is well on his way to eating himself out of the NFL.

Anonymous said...

The last thing you want is for your star nose tackle, or any player for that matter, to go down in the heat and humidity at St. Vincent. The coach may actually be doing Casey a favor. Beyond the jokes and snickers (..not candy bars) this sort of thing can be life or death.

You have practice players and game players, and the great ones are always game players who perform when it counts. I'd put Casey in that second group. One of the key stats from last season is: The Steelers finished the season #1 in Total Defense in the NFL allowing an average of 266.4 yards per game. We all know that sort of tough 'D' begins at the center of the defensive line!

Dale Lolley said...

Marvel looked good. He looks trim, which should only help his back.
Ryan Clark is jacked. He looks almost like a linebacker now.
Hartwig told me he actually put on some weight to get up to 305. He's a tall guy. He also said that he finally feels like he's 100 percent recovered from the groin injury he had in Carolina two years ago.
As for Russell, I didn't see him yesterday.

Mike Jones said...

Let me add to my previous comment about Hampton. I do think the importance of the run test is overblown by the fans, but I'm definitely pleased that Mike Tomlin is putting his foot down and not allowing Hampton to slide until he gets into better shape. That's something Cowher refused to do for people not named Jermaine Stephens.

By the way, Dale, is it even possible for Hampton to get back into shape for Tomlin at this late stage?

Anonymous said...


You have to give Tomlin credit for his decision on Casey. He knew very well the media implications on this decision. It really shows that he is trying to put his stamp on the team. It will be interesting to see who gets the reps at LG if Kemo can't go. Let us know. And, any 1st day standouts would be appreciated.


Dale Lolley said...

LG to start things off was Essex. We'll see this afternoon if it stays that way.
I like the stand Tomlin took with Hampton. You can't have one set of rules for one guy or group of guys and another for another group.
I'm sure they want Hampton to lose 10 or so pounds. Now that they have him here and can monitor what he's eating, that shouldn't take too long.
I haven't heard anything concrete, but my ear is to the ground.

adamg said...

One final comment on Hampton. Last year for the first time I noticed some teams weren't using two guys to block Hampton at all. That tells me that while he might have been heavier, he was easier to move and not nearly as quick as before.

In the playoff game against Jacksonville, the Jags ran up the middle with impunity, right over Hampton.

Hampton is starting to remind me of Ted Washington and Grady Jackson, two behemouth NTs who are now nothing but big blobs in the middle and scare no O-linemen.

Greg said...

HAHA! Pro athlete my ass. Everyone talks about this "run" test. It's a joke. Eight 100 yard dashes with breaks in between. If you can't complete it you shouldn't even be considered an athlete.