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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Looking at the draft picks

I kept a close eye on some of the draft picks today and here's what I came away with.

Running back Rashard Mendenhall is a quick study, which is not surprising considering his Academic All-Big Ten status in college.

The team was working on ball control with the running backs Tuesday afternoon, having the backs yank and pull on each others arms as they ran while carrying the ball in one arm.

Mendenhall had the ball pulled out of his arm on the first attempt in both his right and left arms by Mewelde Moore. But Moore wasn't getting the ball out again after that no matter what he did.

This kid doesn't make the same mistake twice.

Limas Sweed works very hard and makes an attempt to catch everything, diving for overthrown balls and giving 100 percent effort at all times.

He's going to be a good one.

Third-round pick Bruce Davis, a linebacker, is a little disappointing in the strength department. He doesn't get much of a push when working on one-on-one blocking. But some of that may be because he missed all the offseason workouts because his class at UCLA hadn't graduated yet. That's an archaic rule the league needs to do away with.

I'm also unimpressed with fourth-round pick Tony Hills, who doesn't look to have the quick feet to play tackle. He is consistently beaten to the outside by whoever he lines up against.

Maybe his future is at guard, but he'll need to get stronger to play there. That also puts the Steelers in a bit of a bind with their future plans if Hills can't play tackle.

But hey, it's early.


Anonymous said...

How about the 07 picks. We know Woodley will be a monster. How about Timmons' progress? I like the idea of his speed in the middle, but I think some of that may be due to his disappointment as a pass rusher. What about Spaeth? Russell?

Brian said...


Any thoughts on why Hills was the #2 LT instead of Capizzi? I wasn't impresseed with Hills even as a second day selection, but thought Capizzi had a great first step & some real tools after seeing him at camp last season. Any chance that Capizzi sticks on the final roster?

Anonymous said...

by the way, I knew Hills was a bust from the moment we picked him. His best chance to success in this league is to lose 25-30 lbs and try to play TE. He was a top 10 recruit out of high school as a TE. I dont know why the Steelers seem to think that an overweight TE equates to an athletic tackle. They are still just fat, out of shape TEs. I would rather have a natural 300 lber with athleticism than an out of shape natural 250 lber that only got to 300 because he couldnt stay in shape. See Trai Essex.

Anonymous said...

Capizzi??? Please. He is a practice squad pinball. As for Hills, he's less than a year removed from a serious leg injury so let's give him a chance to screw up first. Dale, how has Mike "The Humper" Humpal looked thus far? He would definitely be a fan favorite due to his "white underdog" label? Thanks for all the updates.

Lookinf for a Rolling Rock.

Wieters said...

True, Sasquatch, the yinzers need a new favorite player now that Dan Kreider is gone!

Dale Lolley said...

You want a favorite player now that Kreider is gone, wait until you see Billy Latsko. He's Kreider Jr.
Capizzi has a shot. It will come down to him or Essex, IMO.
There's also some rumors about LeCharles Bentley, but we'll see about that. I've heard nothing concrete.
Timmons is going to make a lot of plays in the quarter this season. He's very good blitzing from the middle because of his speed. Spaeth looks good. Russell, I can't comment on yet.

Anonymous said...


Every time I turn on a local news outlet for Steelers interviews, YOU are the only reporter I notice on camera almost all the time asking and/or gathering information. I like those shades, where did you get them? Have you noticed if they are "toying" with Dennis Dixon at all or has it been mainly just QB drills? I seen Stanley Savran interview him last night and he seems like a good dude.


Anonymous said...

Is Hoke getting the reps at nose with that fat god-for-nothing being on PUP?

Dale Lolley said...

Hoke's the first-team nose tackle. They've only had Dixon playing QB.
Product placement is everything Saquatch.
By the way, I misreported Hampton's weight the other day. Wexell actually had it at 360, not 365. So he's got less weight to lose than what I said.
That's actually about what he comes in at every year.

Brian said...

Actually saw Latsko when I went to camp on Monday. Doesn't have great hands or seem to run good routes, but he seems to be a real fired up guy. Had some nice pop in the RB drills & moved well in the backfield. So you're right - I do like that kid (as much as you can after one practice).

Hope he's got a shot at Carey Davis' spot since Davis' performance on STs dropped off in the regular season from his standout preseason in that role.