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Monday, July 21, 2008

Good seats still remain

More than 10,000 tickets remain for the Steelers' preseason game against Buffalo in Toronto, Canada.

If you've never been to Toronto before, you should get there. Of course you will need a passport.

And it's an easy drive from Pittsburgh, right up I-79 through Buffalo.

© Here's an interesting story I came across breaking down NFL contracts.

Things are a little different on the road for the Steelers than for some other teams.

I travel on the team plane, so I get a little different look than writers do that cover some other teams that don't allow that.

The food available to the players on the plane is abundant. They also have a team snack after meetings the night before games and a breakfast the morning of.

The $90 given to them for meals per day really turns out to be pocket money.


Anonymous said...


have you ever happened to pay attention to what the linemen eat? I'm just curious how they keep those fancy figures?


kelly said...

I'll be in Toronto for the game. Even though it's just preseason, I still can't wait!

Dale Lolley said...

The lineman eat depending on whether the team wants them to go up or down in weight.
Some guys, Hartings for example, aren't natural 300 pounders. He had to eat and work out more than, say, Casey Hampton, who has to diet to keep his weight down.
And, of course, Simmons has to constantly watch what he eats because of his diabetes.
Each player has a different diet.

adamg said...

The funniest comment I ever heard was Hartings last year on with Tunch and Wolf saying the best part of retirement was not having to eat all the time any more.jay

Ben said...

Any word on Casey's weight loss?

Anonymous said...

Casey's left leg weighs more than I do

Anonymous said...


Let me bring up special teams. If my memory serves me correctly, last year was a complete disaster. Now then, the guys they brought in (Mewelde Moore & Keyaron Fox), are they so-called "demons"? Is anybody drafted a "demon"? Lastly, with Rossum & "Dookie" Davenport gone, who is gonna get first crack at returning kicks/punts? Santonio? Ricardo Colclough(just kidding!)? Willie Reid? Give me some wisdom.


Dale Lolley said...

Moore will return punts. He's pretty good at it and it was one reason he was brought in.
Mendenhall will get a shot at kickoffs if he can handle it.
Santonio Holmes is a fallback option at both spots, but the team would rather not use him because he's so valuable to the offense.
This will be a big camp for Reid, who's got to show something or hit the road.