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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

LeCharles Bentley rumor

I keep hearing about the Steelers signing LeCharles Bentley – from everywhere but here in Latrobe.

I'm not saying the rumor doesn't have some legs, but many times, things like this get started by an agent fishing for a contract offer for a client.

I'm not saying the Steelers couldn't use Bentley, particularly if Chris Kemoeatu continues to miss time. But I'd be surprised if the team panicked and did something. It's just not usually how the Steelers work.

If they were going to sign Bentley, they already would have done so and had him in camp from the beginning.

This morning's practice was in full pads and featured plenty of work on the running game.

James Farrior was out this morning, but it doesn't appear to be anything serious. Lawrence Timmons moved into the starting lineup, with Larry Foote sliding over to Farrior's spot.

Timmons really looks at home at inside linebacker.


Anonymous said...

LeCharles Bentley? Jeez, where is that coming from? I have not even heard that. I hope Farrior is ok. Weird rumors indeed but the Steelers are not usually the type of team to panic and make a move to sign someone.

Anonymous said...

its all the national media guys saying we're gonna grab Bentley and its short sighted speculation. Its very simple, they look at a chart and see that Faneca is gone, and then they look on another chart and see Bentley available. They dont take into account that Bentley hasnt played football in 2 years, ran 7 second 40s at his workout, and that Kemo earned that job. We dont just hand starting jobs to random cripples during training camp. If we did grab Bentley, it would be for vet minimum and he'd be on the bench all season.

Mike Tomczak said...

Good to hear Timmons getting some work. I expect big things.

Bad news about the punter, oh well.

Bentley....I would welcome it. The line is that bad.

Anonymous said...

The national media never understands the Steelers and the way they do business. They focus way too often on what Dan Snyder and Jimmy Jones would do instead of the smart fiscal play.

Anonymous said...


First, I want to clarify that It was definitely a compliment when I said You're the only one I see asking questions on TV. A Good job being done by you. Now, I have some questions. Do you see us keeping 3 tight ends on the 53 man? If so, who is the favorite for #3? Who has a better chance of making the 53 man: Gary Russell, Willie Reid or "Wild" Billy Latsko?

Thank You.

adamg said...

Any report on the injury to Sweed?

Anonymous said...

Gerry Dulac with more potentially troubling injury news:

Wide receiver Limas Sweed, the Steelers No. 2 draft pick from Texas, was carted off the field during the afternoon practice today with a possible right hamstring injury. His leg was being iced down. We'll update you when we hear more about the extent of the injury.

adamg said...

Dulac's update is that Sweed had a leg cramp, taking him off was a precautionary move.

Dale Lolley said...

The third tight end spot could come down to a tight end or keeping Latsko around. It will depend on who can help the most on special teams.
Sweed's just a cramp, so I didn't make a big deal out of it.
I know all the TV and radio guys panicked as they usually do.

adamg said...

Dale, do you really think the Steelers need 3 TEs? I'd rather see them keep an extra OL or DL.

Any further insight about whether the Steelers are looking to sign or bring in other punters.

Dale Lolley said...

Yeah, they're looking, but they'll probably wait a little bit and see what's out there when other teams start cutting guys.

adamg said...

Dale, just out of curiosity, did anyone think about having Sepulveda wear a knee brace on his right leg? I'm not saying this would have prevented the injury, but when a player says his knee feels "loose", what's the harm?