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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Capizzi done

Offensive tackle Jason Capizzi, a fan favorite as a local kid, is done for the year. He re-injured his left foot and will require surgery.

The Steelers reached an injury settlement with him and it's unknown whether this is the end of the road for the former Pitt and IUP player.

But by reaching an injury settlement with him, the Steelers aren't keeping him on their roster, which means he may have played his last football here.

© The team used the morning off to check wide receiver Limas Sweed's vision. They found out he needs glasses.

© Many of the other injured players returned to practice today, with the exception of safety Anthony Smith, who tried to practice, but called it quits after position drills.

© Linebacker Mike Humpal was taken off with a hamstring injury that may be heat related.

© The Steelers signed kick return man Eddie Drummond – late of Kansas City and, where else? Detroit.

Drummond was immediately back returning punts with Jeremy Bloom, Travis Williams and Willie Reid.


Ben said...

Dale, it seems like we've been having a lot of injuries in just the first week of camp. Is this par for the course, or do you agree that its been a lot?

Anonymous said...

ben, both injuries have been to players that had already been injured there before. don't worry!!

too bad for capizzi though

Anonymous said...


I was at camp today & came away impressed with Ernster. He ain't all that bad! And, my goodness, Casey is freakin' HUGE!!! I know he was never little but I almost feel bad for him. Is Drummond this year's Rossum??? Does he still have some left in the tank???

-Sunburnt Sasquatch

Alex said...

This bums me out so bad. I was at IUP the same time Capizzi was and I was gonna get his jersey if he ever made it as a starter.

This is the worst Steelers camp ever, between this and all the other crap that was even worse (sepulveda, hartwig and Casey business)

Dale Lolley said...

Ernster was acually booming the ball today. Had a scout comment to me how good he looked, but also commented that it's that time of year - August.
They will be keeping a close eye on who get s cut.
Casey is at the same weight he showed up at last year, believe it or not. Tomlin just decided to make something of it.
Drummond could be tis year's Rossum, an over the hill return man.

Anonymous said...

There were high hopes for Bloom. I know he was another guy coming off a big injury. How is he looking speedwise? Does he have a chance for some PT?

Dale Lolley said...

The fact they're still bringing in return men tells me they're not sold on Bloom.
Mewelde Moore told me he's still a factor in the punt returns as well, so who knows?
We'll get a better idea when they play a game.