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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Harrison angry

James Harrison is angry. And like Bruce Banner, you wouldn't like Harrison when he's angry.

Harrison is upset over his $20,000 fine, he basically refused to talk about it, saying only that he's no longer allowed to have an opinion on anything.

Harrison, of course, questioned the officiating in the Jacksonville game over a roughing the passer penalty he received in the fourth quarter.

Harrison is correct that the hit in question shouldn't have been a penalty. But he also should not have questioned whether the officials had a bet on the game.

Harrison will appeal the penalty, but it won't be rescinded.

I wouldn't bet against some of his teammates chipping in to help him pay it.

You wouldn't want to make James, angry, after all.

James breaks things.


Anonymous said...

Saying the refs had money on it was one of the best quotes I've heard from a player. We need to give him a pay-raise so he won't need to sweat fines and can keep riding the "straight-talk express".

Deebo for president!

Alex said...

20 Grand is ridiculous.

How about the league fine Ocho Cinco for being piece of crap or TO for being in love with himself, they hurt the leagues image more than Harrion's comments.

The league should also fine themselves for being greedy and hurting the sport. All this garbage to do with the cable companies and fighting over money while fans miss games is going to hurt football.

Nowhere is it written that Football will always be the number on sport in America, just ask baseball.

Stanley Druckenmiller said...

Dale, where do we send donations?

Anonymous said...

Silverback speaks the truth! I loved his comment about fining the officials for bad calls too. Harrison is, for sure, not a man you want to get angry. He may break down Goodell's door and break his cell phone too...hehe

kelly said...

I think his teammates should remind him of this fine for the next 11 games... "Hey James, remember that time you got that bogus fine?"... Then he goes and kills the QB. This could work out just 'fine'. LOL

Joe said...

I think its worth the $20K. Puts the refs on notice from the Steelers and the league. Two bogus late hit calls this season between Woodley & Harrison versus Ben getting hit late by the Browns & Texans with no call. You don't think Rooneys & Tomlin are in the league's ears behind closed doors? Four video clips with a total of 30 seconds of footage definitely would speak volumes of the consistency of these calls over the first 5 weeks of the season.

Daniel Lopez said...


stillX said...

"james breaks things"

Hopefully Carson Palmer's legs next game 8]