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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tuesday's Tomlin

Mike Tomlin confirmed that Bryant McFadden will be out for an extended period of time with a broken right forearm. McFadden had surgery to repair the arm Monday.

Troy Polamalu could play this week, in fact the Steelers will prepare with the thought that he will. The only other time Polamalu has had a concussion with the Steelers, in 2006, he played the following week at Cleveland.

Willie Parker and Casey Hampton are expected to return as well.

Tomlin said the team may make a move to add an extra corner, but it will likely be a practice squad move. They have eight active defensive backs and that's all they need.

Tomlin continues to say that Marvel Smith's injury is just back spasms, but back spasms don't cause numbness in your toes. I've been told that's what Smith is dealing with in addition to the back pain. He's taken shots in the back to try to alleviate the problem.


datruth4life said...


It sounds like to me CB Roy Lewis will be activated from the practice squad as an extra corner and extra body on special teams. Does this mean that RB Gary Russell will probably be released to make room?

Also, if Marvel Smith isn't yet 100 percent, wouldn't it make sense to continue going with Max Starks at LT?

We all saw how a less than 100 percent M. Smith looks when he has back problems (remember the 3 sacks he gave up against Jacksonville the 1st game last year when his back was bothering him?). He's pretty much a swinging gate on Ben's blind side.

Also, Ed Bouchette said in his chat today that the team might add S Ryan Mundy to the practice squad next month when he is eligible because he was waived injured and has to miss a certain amount of regular season games before he can be resigned. Any news on whether that is planned?

The special teams seemed to suffer without LB Keyaron Fox this past week. LB Patrick Bailey seems to be a really good special teams player to me. Do you think they might try to figure out a way to have him active as well as CB Roy Lewis this week? I know they are running out of spots with so many injuries, but you always want to put the team out there that gives you the best chance to win each week.


Patrick said...

this back thing with Marvel makes Colbert and the Starks fiasco shine in a whole different light. Its not much different if you paid a lot for insurance for an item, nobody wants to pay it, but when your tv breaks down, you're glad you do.

I don't think Marvel will be with this team next year. Hopefully that frees them up to keep someone - Kemo, McFadden, or a good FA. By the way, Limas Sweed better develop, because some team is going to have a very solid WR next year in Nate Washington. Its too bad we developed him for some else to enjoy. But we won't be overpaying at least.

SC Steeler said...


It seemed like Timmons saw a lot more action than normal against Cincy. Is that because they were in more nickel defense than normal or is Timmons also taking some snaps from Foote in the base defense? Either way, he's making the most of his snaps and making a case to get more playing time.

Alex said...

I wouldn't expect Nate Washington to really blow up for anyone. It is too much of a coincidence that he has his best year when he is playing for a new contract. He will go somewhere else and return to his earlier form of dropping balls 50/50.

Look at Jared Allen. No one hears about him till he is playing for a new contract then he leads the league in sacks. Now this year he can't get anything done. He isn't even in the top 5 for sacks.

Who wants to waste money on Nate Washington for him to slack off when he gets paid? Its not like the #3 receiver helps us alot. Heath Miller/Mewelde Moore should be getting those catches anyways.

Dale Lolley said...

I don't know that they'll sign a corner off the practice squad. They may sign a DB to the practice squad, but that might be it. They still have eight, which is enough for game day.
I would assume they'll sign Mundy to the PS when the time comes to protect their investment.

They played mostly nickel against the Bengals in the second half because Cincinnati went four wide a lot starting with their 92-yard drive.

Let's not proclaim this a breakout year for Nate Washington just yet. Let's see him do it again and again over the next couple of weeks.