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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

No fine for Ward

Confirming Mike Tomlin's assertation from earlier today, Hines Ward won't be fined for his block on Bengals' rookie linebacker Keith Rivers that ended with Rivers suffering a broken jaw.

But the NFL will likely be looking into the admission of Baltimore's Terrell Suggs that the Ravens have a bounty on Ward's head.

Bounties are a no-no in the NFL, which is desperately trying to shed any kind of thug mentality.

It also shows that Suggs isn't too bright to admit something like that on a radio show.

But nobody has ever accused Suggs or his fellow partner in crime, Bart Scott, of being all that bright.


Anonymous said...

Have the Steelers heard from league offices about the reason for Ward's fine from the previous week?

Dale Lolley said...

Yes. In fact they sent a representative to meet with the team today to discuss those things. Ward knows what he was fined for, they spell it out in the letters.

Anonymous said...

Dale, Any word on whether the "injured" returned today? I am cautiously optimistic that Willie, Hampton, and Troy are all playing this weekend.