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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Parker looking good to play

Barring another setback, it appears Willie Parker will be back in the lineup for the Steelers Monday at Washington.

Parker has made it through two days of full practice, the first time he's done that since spraining his knee in a Week 3 loss at Philadelphia.

© Linebacker LaMarr Woodley and nose tackle Casey Hampton sat out again Thursday, but it was just an extra day of rest. In fact, Hampton may not practice Friday. Since the game isn't until Monday, the Steelers have an extra day of practice on Saturday.

Both are expected to play, Hampton with a toe injury, Woodley with a sore calf.

© The NFLPA is filing a grievance against the Steelers for their handling of the Santonio Holmes situation.

But you'll notice that Mike Tomlin never said Holmes was suspended - only deactivated for Sunday's game against the Giants.

Holmes was also paid for the game, despite the deactivation, though it appears he was fined.

As Tomlin said at his Tuesday press conference, it's up to him to decide who is active and who isn't on game days.

© Aaron Smith wasn't at practice again today after being there Wednesday.


Paw-n-maul-you said...

Dale, How effective do you think Willie will be in his return? Do you think we will see more of a split until he finds his groove?

Dale Lolley said...

I see Willie getting 15 to 20 touches with Moore getting 10. It will depend on how many long drives they can put together.

Anonymous said...

I heard that polamalu might miss the game because his wife is expecting their first child. Any news on that? It seems like if we are missing both our safeties Campbell/Cooley/Moss will have a lot of opportunities to make plays, even if we do shut down Portis and the run game??